No… Not Shayne Ward!

Shayne Ward Shirtless in Gotta Be Somebody

I’m sorry to bring you yet another sad news, this time from the hot and not forgotten (I keep telling myself that) British pop star, Shayne Ward and I’m sure we can all scream in unison, “Nooo, not Shayne Ward”! He used to be my furry singing hunk of choice. What the hell is wrong is with these people? Why do they always have to shave the hot ones?!? I mean, he’s British for goodness sake. And I thought only American men are obsessed with looking like a pre-pubescent 10 year old on the chest! Although he understands the market by going shirtless in his latest music video, Nickleback’s cover of “Gotta Be Somebody” (seems that it’s the only thing British pop singers do these days) and the scruff does soften the blow a little, this is all kinds of WRONG. Watch it, after the jump. Another one bites the dust…

Shayne Ward Shirtless in Gotta Be Somebody

Shayne Ward Shirtless in Gotta Be Somebody

  • KarmaLysing

    They didn’t just SHAVE him… It appears they waxed and buffed him as well… O_o


    That said, I will happily take one for Team Furry and volunteer to rehabilitate him.

  • Dennis

    Not only did he ruin himself by getting rid of the hair, he also ruined a good song. Ew.

  • Where are there screencaps of him pre-shaven?

  • WarpedRecord

    The incredibly bad tattoos don’t help either, but hopefully those are just for the role, right?

  • mckey

    I just don’t get it!Why why why would they shaved their chest and left their armpits unshaved.Is it not manly to have hairless pits?What about your chest!Leave the chest alone and focus on your most sweaty parts.It’s like one of the rarest things these days to see a man with chest hair and no armpits hair.

  • Daknee

    It’s not the tatoos or the shaving that bothers me. What bothers me is he’s so skinny now. He looks like a thirteen year old with tats. I liked his body better when he chunked up a bit awhile back.

  • Ronald

    I like and will take him as he is since NO one else likes him here!

  • That´s not the case Ronald: I like him.

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