Oliver Farnworth, Just Because

Oliver Farnworth

Okay class, the time has come for some education on another undicovered British hotness, Oliver Farnworth. Just another living proof that they have some fine exquisite mens over there. Oliver might have spawned from the same gene pool as MAH BRITISH HUSBAND MATT TEBBUTT (I had to prove my point), albeit in the much prettier end. Thanks to Google, all I know is that he used to be a regular in “Hollyoaks” and have starred in a few plays and commercials, including Renault Twingo’s “Drag Queen” and the one pictured above for Danone’s Shape Delights (Frenchy much?). If only we could have him for desserts… Those big brown eyes! That sideway smile! Before you can say, “He’s mine, bitches”, I’m calling the dibs on this one. You know I always do.

Oliver Farnworth in Shape Delights ad

Those two bitches on the balcony must have the patience and self control of a saint, because if I’m one of them I would dive my ass off and go apeshit over him. Also, here’s a smaller version of the GIF above in case you want to use and abuse it. You’re welcome.

Oliver Farnworth

  • RC

    Dreamy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s a definate sweetie!
    Wouldn’t mind viewing him shirtless and or naked !

  • redcat

    What a charming man!
    Square, this is not a famous actor but I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy the ad:

  • ThatGuy

    Definitely looks like he could easily charm the pants off anyone.

  • Laura M

    Indeed, my pants are already off.

  • ToddinSF

    As of right now, Oliver Farnworth can be seen in “Mr. Selfridge” (season 2) on PBS _Masterpiece_ where he plays Florian Dupont, the Belgian refugee who is a violin virtuoso and is staying with Miss Mardle in London to ride out World War I. He affects a Belgian French accent for that role. Me, I have to say that Oliver Farnworth is very handsome and simultaneously super cute. Then there’s that smile and those eyes which strike me as angelic. No wonder Miss Mardle is falling for her younger housemate . . . .

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