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Chase Rice of Survivor Shirtless

I’m not sure how many of you are actually still watching “Survivor”, but I’ll be surprised if there are more than 5 (me included). Honestly, my ass couldn’t care less about this show anymore but the only thing that keeps me licking the screen every week is this piece of walking SEX and not so distance cousin of Aaron Eckhart also known as Chase Rice, prancing around with his shirt off. I mean, just look at this heavenly slice of manbeef. Need I say more? The scruff, the naturally smooth perfection of a body, those big, deep blue eyes. Well, if the million dollar thing doesn’t work out for him, there’s always Sean Cody. We all know that.

Chase Rice of Survivor Shirtless

Chase Rice of Survivor Shirtless

Chase Rice of Survivor Shirtless

And if Chase isn’t really your thing, here’s a blurred crotch shot from an equally hot replacement Benry.

Benry of Survivor Shirtless

  • “There’s always Sean Cody” ๐Ÿ™‚ heh ๐Ÿ™‚

    Which reminds me — have you ever reviewed / recommended a porn site that actually caters to the gays who like hair? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mckey

    He is quite good but Aaron Eckhart is prettier.He does have a beautiful big pecs and nips though.Overall I like Aaron’s face more than his face and I like his body more than Aaron’s body.Nice job Square!

  • Mark

    Chase is just too stupid to be worthy of my tv-lust. If only his brains were half as impressive as his pecs. Give me Benry (loved those testosterone-filled growls he exchanged with dimwit-boy during the immunity challenge) or adorable under-the-radar Fabio any day.

  • @Justin You don’t say…

  • Jamie

    Chase is cute, but he is not the smartest cookie in the jar. I like Benry, too, but Fabio is my favorite this go round.

  • Phil

    Sometimes well brains are over rated-sometimes…

  • ned

    Most poeple don’t know, but Chase had a country cd released earlier
    this year. Check it out on itunes. It is also rumored that he makes the final 3
    but falls short of winning.

    • @ned Thanks for that! Here’s his album cover, with some corned beef back in the system. I prefer the leaner Chase.

      Chase Rice Album

  • andrew

    pictures of Fabio please? he is drool worthy.


    Chase has some of the hottest pits I’ve ever seen!

  • ned

    I think he stated in an interview he lost close to 20 lbs before the show.

  • Holt

    LOL @ Sean Cody gig

    I love Chase but he’s such a dimwit.

    I like Benry but he’s a colossal douche.

    I love Fabio, and at least he knows he needs to play stupid. IMHO, he is actually the one saving this dumb-ass season.

  • Emre

    Second Holt on every point. I think Fabio is ugly though; don’t understand his appeal at all, except that he’s much smarter than the show has initially painted him to be. Chase’s saving grace is his facial hair and good build, and overall good character even though he’s a little lacking on the wit side.

  • Mikey M

    He is beautiful.

  • BW

    The thing I love about Chase is his cut, lean body, his well built chest, and his rugged scruffy look. Benry is number 2 on my list, as he has a really nice 6 pack, but not sure how I like his scruff… it will be interesting to see if hes clean shaven next time we see him. Another good one is………. Marty… Yeah he was in the older tribe, but he had quite the nice body. He doesnt look as nice since he shaved though.

  • Mike

    Marty was a real turn-off every time he opened his mouth.

  • HOJO

    like brains realyy count.Really?

  • JD

    This is an old SH post I know, but damn — this guy has no idea just how good he’d look with a cock in his mouth and another up his ass. Boy is hot!

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