They Have to Ruin Everything, Don’t They?

Diego Gonzalez Shirtless

Since nothing is sacred anymore, here are some caps from direct to bargain bin in your local video store “Mean Girls 2” trailer, starring that mean ass niece from “Desperate Housewives” and this hot piece named Diego Gonzalez. I have no further comment about this mess, but since the trailer has a hot shirtless guy in it, it’s only natural that they ended up here. Well, at least they made up for lack of skin in the first one — it’s a major money spinner these days isn’t it? He’s a big teenage heartthrob in Mexico, but you might have seen Diego in “Pretty Little Liars”. Since I couldn’t care less about that show I’m not sure what scale of exploitations he has been through. Now, if they make a sequel to “Never Been Kissed”, I’m officially done. Watch the trailer if you bother, after the jump.

Diego Gonzalez Shirtless

Diego Gonzalez Shirtless

  • mckey

    He’s ok.There are tons of other actors in Mexico that is way more beautiful than him.

  • DoverDavid

    Nice arm pit.

  • Pickle

    Looks better on Pretty Little Liars and 90210.

  • yeah, I hate the idea of a sequel for Mean girls too, especially when I learned that it’s not written by Tina Fey.
    but this guy is sweet, I know him from Pretty little liars, which is, in fact, a nice show. And no, there’s no such kind of skin display in the show, not so far.
    Let’s cross fingers, though.

    Nice caps. he’s hot.


  • Ronald

    No one seems to want him? I’ll take him!(lol)

  • diego gonzalez

    u gusy r horrible ppl.what a fucking hate …u actual toook time to write a hate letter,,seriously…what a life u live

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