A Work of Art: The Sudeikis in Black & White

Laziness, like busyness and uninspiredness is a terrible disease, and most of the time you totally need that special push to get out of it. THIS is my push. It’s a black and white portrait of MAH HUSBAND looking like perfection personified. The hair, the scruff, the smile, the everything! It’s like Sudeikis is saying to me, “Square, the world needs you to spread the shirtlessness… Get off your lazy ass and post something!”. I’m not sure who shot it, but this masterpiece should only be found in places like the Louvre, the MoMA and my crotch (most likely the last one). Thanks a bunch to Joe for this, and I’ll use this to inspire and propel myself forward (no pun intended) to get more and more hotness on the site. As most of you will be making multiple trips to the stores to return those awful Christmas gifts today, I’ll be churning some deliciousness to be salivated over when you come back. See you in a bit!

  • Thrasybule

    This picture is awesome indeed !

    It’s always a pleasure to find one of your post in my rss reader : your site is one of the best place on the web to find handsome men and witty comments, from my point of view. Keep all the good stuff coming, at the rythm that suits you : some lazyness is not such a disease after all, it can be some kind of carpe diem we all need from time to time πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, i wish you the best for the year to come !

    PS : It’s not the Lourve, but the Louvre πŸ˜‰

    • @Thrasybule Thanks for that and such kind words, I stand erected corrected!

  • James

    Nice butterfly lighting.

  • Oh, he looks so amazing here, just like he would on a wall inside the Louvre.
    I fell in love with this picture the moment I saw it. And I know you and I have that policy of “you don’t touch Murilo-I don’t touch Sudeikis”, but this very guy has become one of my favorite men over this year, not only for his obvious charm and beauty, but also for his amazing talent and his power to make me smile in such a good way. I think we all deserve a piece of that, and I’m glad to help you with sharing this image.
    BTW, according to his IMDB page (where I took this treasure from) the photo was shot by Jason Mcdonald, I guess on December 18 this year.

    Plus: now that I’m on vacation, I’ll try to help a little more too.
    And you are so welcome, always! I’m the one who should be thanking you.


  • Tom

    You are allowed to be lazy when you want and need to. Your loyal fans will be here for you either way. We will look forward to the goodies you provide us in 2011.
    Thanks for all the shirtless gifts of 2010!!

  • What Tom said πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful! I wish I had seen this before I started my pencil portrait of him.. crap. XD And you can go ahead and be lazy. I’m sure we’d all understand. We can just go through the archives. ;]

  • brexx

    Wow…he’s just so dreamy

  • wk920

    Just wanted to say that I cannot believe this website exists! I thought I was the only person in the world whose biggest celebrity crush was Sudeikis. He’s perfect! Haha. Love the site! πŸ™‚

  • WarpedRecord

    Phenomenal-looking man who will only get better with age.

  • Isn’t black-and-white great?

  • swimrbuild33

    Finally someone who thinks Jason Sedeikis is a good looking man with a great hairy chest to boot. I have to say that I think they may be squeezing him out of SNL since I don’t see him in as many sketches as he was before πŸ™

  • LizLovely

    Ok, these you probably know ,but here’s two random things you didn’t post about your first husband yet to be posted on the site
    1. On the Elton John SNL episode, he made out with Bill Hader (DIBS). No Gif?
    2. He’s hosting the MTV movie awards on June 5

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