A Work of Art: The Sudeikis in Black & White

Laziness, like busyness and uninspiredness is a terrible disease, and most of the time you totally need that special push to get out of it. THIS is my push. It’s a black and white portrait of MAH HUSBAND looking like perfection personified. The hair, the scruff, the smile, the everything! It’s like Sudeikis is saying to me, “Square, the world needs you to spread the shirtlessness… Get off your lazy ass and post something!”. I’m not sure who shot it, but this masterpiece should only be found in places like the Louvre, the MoMA and my crotch (most likely the last one). Thanks a bunch to Joe for this, and I’ll use this to inspire and propel myself forward (no pun intended) to get more and more hotness on the site. As most of you will be making multiple trips to the stores to return those awful Christmas gifts today, I’ll be churning some deliciousness to be salivated over when you come back. See you in a bit!

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