Baring It For Tuition Fees

Shirtless SHU Rugby Hotties

The new year is fast approaching, and you know what that means in the hot mens world — tacky nude college calendars! As I’m pretty sure there will be more posts like this in the coming weeks, we start off with the boys of Sheffield Hallam University Rugby Club. These wide variety of college jocks are no strangers to baring their furry boy bits and firm buttocks for the sake of charity, rising college fees, carnal pleasures or beer money, whichever comes first — and this year we have some prime shining examples as seen in the visual above. When it comes to DIY nude calendars, the UK is the ultimate leader, and this is a welcome fact since most don’t believe in excessive body grooming. I said most, because apparently to crossover to the USA, one must shed the fur coat to be more tween friendly.

With the current development, this is an excellent way for these lads to get some extra money in for their tuition fees. I would suggest to go a little further and take the Corbin Fisher route. Did I just say that out loud? Thanks to Bill for the update!

Shirtless SHU Rugby Hotties

Shirtless SHU Rugby Hotties

Shirtless SHU Rugby Hotties

  • WarpedRecord

    That first guy is seriously hot, and I’ll bet those mega pits smell like heaven.

  • mckey

    Soft body hair,what a dreamy.I just wanna do a motorboat on that first guy’s armpits.

  • Unfortunately this causes some naughty rugby team fantasies.

  • nate

    i hate those two women

  • DoverDavid

    The one on the left holding the pearl colored ball is cute, I wonder what his ball looks like (grin) and there must have been some wicked shrinkage on the field the day that group photo was taken!

  • Max

    That first guys is gorgeous.
    Only if the camera would have been a little bit lower 😉

  • KMac

    I LIVE in Sheffield, how come I never see these guys?


  • JuanCarlos

    Go team!!!!!!!!
    I’m such a cheerleader right now!!!!!!!!

  • RC

    I’d take the first guy on the top pictured off with his arms up in the air to bed with me

  • mike64

    Photo #2 shows the two ends of the spectrum that I like. Smooth which is my favorite. (guy on the right). Hairy but, not ape-like (guy on left) where you can still see a good amount of muscle and skin . And then there are different degrees in between. Variety is so nice!

  • TurkeySlurpees

    That big hairy guy near the right on the last photo is way too hot!

  • Milton

    The 1st guy is sexalicious!!

  • What a pity we can´t see their cocks at these pics.
    Anyway, I really like them.
    And I agree: the 1st guy is delicious!

  • Cody

    I’m proud to go to Sheffield Hallam. :’)

  • Dave

    You know that you can buy the calendar online, don’t you? You can even get the “making of” movie. I have been a fan for a while, on Facebook too!

  • Veggiedude

    WOW! If I ever get teamed, I hope it’s by these studs!

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