Eric Bana in The Time Traveler’s Wife

Eric Bana Shirtless

If you stop hearing crickets on this site, no you’re not hallucinating — it means the spam comments are being deleted and my ass is back on the posting saddle. I do hope the Furrystein has kept you entertained for a whole week. Instead of giving all sorts of lame excuses for the hiatus, I’ll just post these delectable caps of premium Croatian Australian manbeef Eric Banadinovich from “The Time Traveler’s Wife” capped by Groopii. I’ve seen the first half of the film on a long flight last year before dozing off to Sudeikis-land, and I don’t recall drooling over this scene. Furry abs is my big thing of the moment, so this post has my big stamp of approval. Eric has been pretty generous in his films shirtless-wise, but I think it’s safe to say that this is one of his best skin scenes ever.

Eric Bana Shirtless

Eric Bana Shirtless

Eric Bana Shirtless

Eric Bana Shirtless

  • mckey

    He is kinda cute but I just don’t get him sexually.There are tons of other actors from Australia that turns me on.

  • oh, I remember this. everytime he traveled in time, there he was naked again.
    this movie is lovely, btw. he looks pretty sweet, besides hot and shirtless.


  • I approve.

  • DoverDavid

    Nice hairy leg to go along with the chest.

  • Well, he has a common body. But I like it.

  • Daknee

    Ya, this guy alway looks good. He’s been over weight and very muscular in his rolls and always seems to look good

  • WarpedRecord

    I like him best when he’s human like this: a bit pudgy, and he has a wonderfully pockmarked face.

  • Eric Bana is one of those guys that is sexier than he looks, if you know what I mean. I haven’t met him in person, but on tv he always has a twinkle in his eye that is very endearing.

  • Laura M

    Mmm, I wanna snuggle with that tummy.

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