Good Thing It Was Bill Hader (Updated)

Paul Rudd and Bill Hader Kiss

Speaking of mah husband, here’s my other one from his “Saturday Night Live” gig earlier this month courtesy of Superherofan. The shirt lifting is undeniably hot, but I wished Bill Hader revealed more of Paul’s furry bod for our enjoyment. Also, I secretly wished that Bill Hader was replaced by Jason Sudeikis. It’s actually a good thing that didn’t happen, since the whole husbands kissing passionately thing would be too much for my mortal mind to take. Hell, I nearly lost it with THIS ONE. My ass really should have posted these caps earlier, but in Square’s world — it’s always better late than never!

Paul Rudd and Bill Hader Kiss

Paul Rudd and Bill Hader Kiss

Paul Rudd and Bill Hader Kiss

Update: By the power vested in me by mah four husbands, feast your eyeballs on THE GIF. You’re welcome.

Paul Rudd's Kiss on SNL

  • Laura M

    Paul Rudd has a nice little round belly going on, there.

  • DoverDavid

    I would gladly trade in all of my Christmas gifts to change places with Bill.

  • That was a nice skit 🙂 Paul is looking hotter than ever! 🙂

  • mckey

    It is just too real!Especially when he put his hand inside paul’s shirt and play with his nipple.I think this is just like a softcore porn.

  • Jon

    I’ve been desperately looking for a .gif of that kiss since that episode aired.

  • daquinta


  • brexx

    i was in heaven watching this episode, paul is just so hot and him making out with a guy is even hotter

  • Josh

    God.. Do you wonder if either one of them even started to get the slightest erection? I’d probably be right if I said that Hader or Rudd had at some point had some kind of gay sex….. but if I had to put money on it, I’d say that Rudd has had it more than once.

    Just looked too real to me.

  • B

    Does anyone have a video of this or the date it aired? I can’t find one anywhere!

  • Bill O’Brien
  • Gegenscheiner

    I came.

  • nate

    i dont know you bill hader but i hate you! paul rudd is my husband!

  • Bisman

    From the pics it looks like Pauls nipples where getting hard.

  • B

    @Bill O’Brien Thanks!

    However, I’ve tried that page, I just get a blue circle whenever I click play in IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome on diff computers… I think it’s cause I’m from the UK…

    Anyone have a different link or can capture it and post it sans location check?

  • I think he’s done that before!

  • likesabuttfuck

    when i saw this on tv, i couldn’t stop jerking off

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