GUILTY is Right

It’s a fact of life that I adore body hair and those who are man enough to grow it, but one of the things I loathe is when they start to mess with mother nature’s gift to the species. While we welcome the triumphant return of Chris Evans’s hot furry chest from this disaster, I really don’t understand why the Photoshop fairies at Gucci have to meddle with his follicles, resulting in a weird swirly effect that you can only see on lollipops and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Well, maybe it’s an indication that it’s sweet and lickable — but we really could have done without the visual because that’s given anyway! In other news, when will Jon Hamm gets his fragrance deal? I’m sure a lot of men would want to smell like Don Draper and a lot of gays / women would want to know what Don Draper smells like (I already knew, OF COURSE).

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