GUILTY is Right

It’s a fact of life that I adore body hair and those who are man enough to grow it, but one of the things I loathe is when they start to mess with mother nature’s gift to the species. While we welcome the triumphant return of Chris Evans’s hot furry chest from this disaster, I really don’t understand why the Photoshop fairies at Gucci have to meddle with his follicles, resulting in a weird swirly effect that you can only see on lollipops and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Well, maybe it’s an indication that it’s sweet and lickable — but we really could have done without the visual because that’s given anyway! In other news, when will Jon Hamm gets his fragrance deal? I’m sure a lot of men would want to smell like Don Draper and a lot of gays / women would want to know what Don Draper smells like (I already knew, OF COURSE).

  • mt

    It might not be PS’d….mine does that naturally
    Besides, any shirtless Evans with chest hair is worth seeing. Period.

  • Swirls

    I think the swirls are real. His real fur always dis amaZing things.

  • Koenig

    I agree that is might be natural. Mine also does that on both sides. In high school I called them my swirlies!

  • Yep I think they could be real, too 🙂

    I laughed out loud at the “OF COURSE”, Square 🙂 Happy New Year btw! 🙂

  • DoverDavid

    I think it’s real cause I have the same thing on the back of my thigh. Perhaps their looking to carry over the swirl to match the round chain pendent, which matches the logo on the bottle.

  • Boris

    it looks swirly because it is still in the process of growing back… now it looks like he is manscapped, which is as sinful as shaved, if you ask me…

  • Joetx

    @ Boris – I agree with your comment re: manscapping. A slight trim of the bush is fine, but don’t mess with anything else.

  • Optilux

    Come on people: this is photoshoped! Just look at the beard…
    They addde this so they didn’t have to loose time waiting… for is chesthair to grow back. lol

  • theo

    “Cowlicks” can appear wherever there is hair. It’s the same thing… the hair grows in a circular pattern. I have one on my head and two on my chest. It’s not photoshop.

  • mt

    It might be PS’d to enhance the look, but this kind of hair growth is quite natural. Plus, IT’S FREAKIN CHRIS EVANS.

  • Nocturne

    mine does that pattern naturally too, and no it doesnt have to be clippered or in a state of regrowth to be visible on me. It’s natural so quit the bitching and just be happy its not waxed smooth again 😀

  • Phil

    My fur does the same thing but it does it around my nips-but we’re talkin’ about CE does it really matter-I’d eat him no matter what…

  • Billy

    My chest hair has those swirls in it too, in the same spot as his, and so did my dad’s… Supposedly body hair patterns are an inherited thing, so chances are the elder Mr. Evans has the same thing. I wonder if scott does?!

  • Eric

    Maybe it is photoshopped to cover his chest tattoo

  • tom in long beach

    Love chest hair swirls… beauty in nature !!

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