If You’re into Blond Scruffy Norse Gods…

Chris Hemsworth Shirtless

The first teaser trailer for “Thor” has been released, and I must say — Chris Hemsworth does look like a proper blond Norwegian god. Almost, because a proper Norse God should have perfectly conditioned soft platinum wavy hair (and blond chest fur, but I’m a little fuzzy on this). Apart from flat packed furniture, I’m sure for most of you the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about anything Scandinavian is Alexander Skarsgaad, but I think Chris is doing just fine here (and here if you’re feeling adventurous). If anything, the director Kenneth Branagh fits the role better! From that little 3 second glimpse in the trailer, it looks like the scene has at least a good 3 minutes showcasing Chris’s physique. Next year seems to be full of shaved superheroes and before you shoot me, I’m aware of the fact that Chris is naturally smooth). I’m beyond complaining at this point so just watch the trailer, after the jump.

Chris Hemsworth Shirtless

Chris Hemsworth Shirtless

Chris Hemsworth Shirtless

  • redcat

    I think I’m converting to Norse polytheism. I thought there were no gods but now I’m a believer!

  • bo

    That scruff makes him even hotter than he already is. I mean, without it he looks more ‘pretty’, but now he’s a god. A light fur would be better though. Well, a humble peasant can’t be picky.

    P.S. I’m still burning down there 😀

  • DoverDavid

    Can’t say I’m all that impressed.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    He’s Norse God enough for me.

  • mike

    He’s not naturally smooth — in Star Trek, there just a bit of really fine fur. I think he should have left it.

    That said, that is f–king amazing transformation, to add 20 lbs in the chest and shoulders. Wow.

  • Latebrosus

    I’m gonna queen out here and say that, to me, he looks a little strange because he has small eyes and almost invisible eyebrows.

  • Phil

    That’s our Chris?-no matter I’ll eat him here…

  • Phil

    Actually I’m a Swede-so the Norse gods are welcome;and trust me this one could do whatever he wanted to to me…

  • Boris

    Even when he smiles, which he does not in those pic, Chris has a sad veil on his face… And that makes me want to hug him…

  • WarpedRecord

    Classic case of how the beard makes all the difference in the world. Without facial hair, I wouldn’t notice him at all, but with it, I can’t take my eyes of of him.

    Too bad he doesn’t have the hairy chest to match, but maybe he’d like mine. Would it help if he knew I’m Norwegian? Probably not.

  • dmadisontn

    Wow, that’s quite the transformation from the kinda cute, average build, geeky guy he was before. I’d vote for him as Norse God.

  • boy: i can’t decide which of the hemsworth boys i like the best—in their own sweet way they both are delicious enough to —

    it makes liking men worth every bit of drool i drool—

  • Anna

    Yum. Think he’d be just as yummy with the beard and shorter hair? On a side note- Have you taken a look at Marton Csokas? He’s got a nice bit of fuzz and an absolutely wonderful accent.

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  • Chris Hemsworth is all man in every way possible…hunky,sexy, God..
    We love him and want him…

  • God I need him to keep me warm at night..and more..

  • Pollywog

    WOW! I love the long blonde hair, beard and blue eyes. While I prefer my men furry, I would certainly jump at the chance to be this guys Viking wench for a night : )

  • If??

  • Reese

    Which airlines fly to Oslo?

  • mckey

    Something about him that is so welcoming and comfortable to look at.I know that his brother has a prettier face but I love him more.Maybe because he is not a player and way way better actor than his brother.

  • Milton

    YUM!! Blonde,brawny, AND Australian. Time to take my hourly…I mean, daily trip over Daddy Chris’s knee. And I’m Usually into brunettes.

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  • Mo

    Whoa! Move over Brad, Johnny, Hugh, Leo, and all you other hotties… There is a NEW MAN in town and he is blazing!

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  • andrew

    Chris has converted this agnostic to theism. I now believe in god, not yahweh but Thor. I just didn’t know that god was a blond Norwegian hunk.

  • Rupertbare

    Chris, WHY all the bulking up, the ruin of a good looking man!!!!!

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