Some Untrimmed Goodness from Ryan Devlin

Ryan Devlin Shirtless

One glance at toyboy material Ryan Devlin in “Brothers & Sisters” and “Cougar Town”, you’d never thought this fine young piece has been blessed with a beautifully untrimmed chest, which is another proof that there were, and still are loads of young actors in Hollyweird had to go through follicle mutilation just to get into the business. These are capped by the one and only Superherofan who has just made the move to a new host. Contrary to popular belief, I do find Ryan Devlin quite hot, which is a tell tale sign that I’m getting OLD (to be fair, he’s a year older). With that said, my OLD ass is a little occupied (not like that) for the past couple of weeks as you might have noticed, but I’ll try my very very best to keep the site smelling citrus fresh like Jon Hamm’s armpits in the morning. Fact.

Ryan Devlin Shirtless

Ryan Devlin Shirtless

Ryan Devlin Shirtless

Ryan Devlin Shirtless

Ryan Devlin Shirtless

  • WarpedRecord

    That last shot is a keeper. I’m not completely into this man (boy?), but he certainly has potential if he grows his whiskers out once he becomes a man.

  • Mallory

    Very cute indeed. Truly cute guys can get away with just about anything… >.>. Thanks.

  • Nice 🙂

  • Daknee

    Warped Record I agree give this guy a few more years and maybe more muscle. And he’ll be just fine. His man boy face will rippen

  • RC

    He’s soooooooooooo cute -n- cuddly and I could fall asleep on that sweet sexy chest! I’ll take him to bed with me ! : o)

  • Jamie

    I have been waiting for this piece of hotness to show up here. I think he is very sexy and love that furriness and the nice trail down to the tummy!

  • shaun

    those 2 chicks are ruining all the yumminess of beautiful Ryan. it’s like a blond hair dropped on the creme brulee crust.

  • Dryden

    He’ll always be the rapist from Veronica Mars to me. But he’s still cute!

  • Jon

    He remind me of Jack Wrangler.

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