2010 in (Shirtless) Pictures

For once, I got this posted in time so yay me. Moving on, here’s what probably you have been waiting for since last year — a lusty look back at 2010, a year full of shirtlessness and sadly to say, shaved chests. It’s amazing how time flies while we’re drooling, isn’t it? If you really want to stick your knob nose into the archives, here are the summaries for 2009 and 2008. Gosh, it seems only like yesterday I did this post (warning: may contain Brazilian hotness). This particular post might crash my already ailing server because it contains a year worth’s of hotness, so be extremely patient and pray that it won’t happen.

The year kicked off with a rather beefy start, and by beefy I’m referring to daddilicious Mark Valley’s gloriously furry chest in “Human Target”.

Mark Valley Shirtless

Shortly after, gingy filmmaker Morgan Spurlock was strolling on the beach in a rather tight pair of speedos. The thick tache was the icing on the cake, but like any other controversial hotness that’s always open to interpretation.

Morgan Spurlock Shirtless

I’m not implying that 2010 was a very good year for chunk, but good heavens Jay Mohr looks so damn good with extra trimmings. That belly is the stuff of dreams. Since we’re on the topic of hot chunk, here’s our furry ambassador and the ever adorable Kyle Bornheimer in a hot tub and a pair of boxers.

MacGruber hit the big screen and our drool glands. Sadly, it didn’t last.

The same can be said with our Adorkable of the Year, Zachary Levi. His fur returned to its former glory and our crotches celebrated in unison but later magically disappeared resulting in mass mourning around the globe.

Animated GIFs have proven to be very addictive because they tell the story better than an image or a video (you know, since they loop forever), and I’ve made quite a few last year — mainly of mah husbands. Among my favourites, mah husband turning into mah husband, mah husband kissing mah husband on a bike and mah husband passionately kissing another man while having his nipple fondled. I have a feeling that those people at NBC have an evil plan to annihilate my ass from the face of this earth because things like that are too much to take for one mortal mind. Although I’m tempted to explode into pink glittery dust when it happened — I’m still here, so try harder next time!

Speaking of husbands, here’s me newly appointed British husband, Matt Tebbutt with a giant cucumber. You’re welcome to look and drool — but paws off, bitches!

Another British chef worth the mention and this time you can have him.

Not a chef, but a total adorkable English BUNNY — Stefan Gates and yes, there are shirtless shots of him there.

Still on the other side of the Atlantic, one of the most important events of last year is the unshirting of fine hairy British daddypiece Phil Spencer in his new series “Relocation: Phil Down Under” (insert your own down under joke here). And in case you’re wondering, yes he’s me husband too. Deal with it!

Other British daddies worth mentioning, Jeremy Wade and of fucking course, Robson Green.

It’s really hard to believe that people are not watching this, because James Wolk and his furry chest are mother nature’s gifts to the human race. Appreciate!

Here’s another underappreciated hotness (in my opinion), Steven Strait.

Moving on the the mature section of the beef counter, here’s forever Discovery daddy Mike Rowe in a tight suit and Scott Bakula in a towel, Richard Burgi in bed, and Vincent Lindon in “La Moustache”. These guys are clearly set to destroy of crotches to pieces.

A new season of “Amazing Race” starts everytime you exhale, but you know what, I’m glad that I’ll be hearing “Oh my gravy!” once again from this hot couple soon.

Still on the small screen, here are my picks from the hottest males on television last year — Alex O’Loughlin in “Hawaii Five-0”, Jared Padalecki in “Supernatural” and Sam Jaeger in “Parenthood”.

I have to admit, this has got to be one of the hottest caps of the year. It’s Brian Goodman from “The Last Castle“, and you’re welcome.

This is another one of my absolute favourites last year, when two furry chests said hello to each other in “True Blood”. A lot of screens were licked and a hell lot of panties were changed, never to be seen again.

Not sure about the corset, but we’re glad Dave Salmoni embraced his furriness in these shots for Flaunt magazine.

Do I need a reason to slide this in? Don’t think so.

Despite poor reception for the second season, “Hung” remains one of the highest rated shows in my libido list — thanks to this piece of walking sex called Thomas Jane.

How could I NOT do a retrospective post without mentioning the highlight of the year, the adorkable host of “Destination Truth”, JOSH GATES? Couldn’t thank Amanda enough for breaking it to him!

Nothing beats the vintage stuff, so here’s a healthy dose of skin from Warren BeattyJohn GavinBruce WillisMatt DillonLorenzo LamasSteve ForrestTate DonovanMarc Singer, a wet Steve Martin and the Guttenberg in his prime.

If you’re looking for something more recent, here’s mah husband in high resolution and a pre-shaved Matthew Fox. Post shaved version can be found here but proceed if you have a strong stomach.

Speaking of shaving, last year was full of shaved celebrities — among them Penn Badgley with a repeat offense and Callum Blue.

Just to be clear, I have nothing against natural smoothness as evidenced by posts like Liam Hemsworth, Joe Manganiello, Rick Malambri, Zac Efron and Tim Urban. Yes, I don’t remember him either.

Sadly, towards the end of the year, we were left with this visual of a de-furred Chris Evans (warning, contains creepy looking feet boots) as Captain America. If you’re into self torture, here’s a high resolution version of the Hollywood abomination. Of course we’d still hit it hard regardless but that’s besides the point!

If this is any indication, will chest mutilation the in thing for 2011? Are we going to fully rely on the hairy fairy to restore hotness to the world? Let’s fucking hope not.

It probably seems like I throw these words loosely, but I really do mean it — I’d very much like to thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart for the very existence of this website! Here’s to another good year in shirtlessness!

  • D

    There is a SERIOUS lack of Joel McHale in this post.

  • You’re still my hero, Square! 🙂 Thanks for the year of hotness & here’s to a great 2011!!! 🙂 <3 x

  • DoverDavid

    So many men, so much hair! Here’s to more hairy goodness in 2011!

  • Mike

    What? No Eddie McClintock? That’s OK, I can keep him to myself…

    Happy New Year, folks! Thanks for the hunks, Square!

  • rodthehorny

    hmmm that’s why i love this site so much. yum yum yum.. keep them cumming on 2011.

  • brexx

    great list…but i agree, where’s joel mchale?! lol

  • WarpedRecord

    Smokin! (Except for the Chris Evans waxiness.) Thanks, as always for anything on Kyle Bornheimer.

    I’d also love to se more of Joel McHale.

    Happy New Year!

  • Sammy

    Missing Gerard Butler and Daniel Craig!

    LOVE that you included Mike Rowe and Thomas Jane!

  • Vaughan

    Uhm… I see a post of the new homoliscious short film featuring a very naked Kyle Bornheimer in the future. I need it in a better resolution…

  • Fredo

    Loverly. Just loverly. You should toss some vintage Chevy Chase in the mix, too. He was a little hotass in his prime.

  • Jan Vos (Netherlands)

    First Happy New Year. What a hairy hot hunks in 2010. For 2011!! Ban the razor for the bodies. Just natural ,that will set the fashion for the future.

  • Michael D

    Have you considered Scott Caan, James Caan son? In “Into the Deep Movie”.

  • Michael D

    Sorry, should have been “Into the Blue” with Paul Walker.

  • Beagz

    Than you for all you do for US, Square!
    You manage to keep things interesting!
    (Not to mention a bit of inspiration to stay on a diet.)

    Here’s to 2011! May she be a damned sight better than 2010!

  • Happy 2011!

  • JuanCarlos

    to me James Wolk is simply the best, at just 25 years is the most delicious man ever!!!! so hairy and cute!!

  • Snarky404

    Matthew Morrison shaved is so not hot.

  • Josh

    What? No Mark Feuerstein? Oh Square, how could you overlook that furry piece of compact hotness!?

    Well, I’ll let it slide. This time. 😉

    Thanks for the site! Happy New Year !

  • Great post! Amen to Kyle Bornheimer and Dave Salmoni. Agree on more Joel McHale. And what happened to our guy Chris Evans!? Oh well, it’ll grow back. Happy New Year! And keep up the good work 🙂

  • ePastorJames

    Jet & Cord? Vomit. (Well, vomit on Jet, at least. So gross.) It’s made worse by the fact at TARcon [the party for fans and alumni of the show after every season finale], Jet apparently was in a very bitter mood and called Jordan a fag. Read about it at TWOP, where several forum members attended.

    I like Cord, he’s endearing, but Jet is a douche, and they’re too 12-year-old boy-like to be attractive shirtless. Thankfully, Dan & Jordan one–hilarious, lovable team <3.

  • jack

    Patrick Warburton FTW!
    He is so hot!!!!!

  • Bob

    If it makes you feel better, Zachary Levi didn’t permanently get rid of his chest hair. That shaved pic was actually filmed months before the unshaved one and he’s been hairy and shirtless quite a few times this current season.

  • sam

    Jared Padelecki is one of the few guys who are totally hairless that I find hot.

    Ha ha ha at Phil from Location. You need to feature that doctor Christian bloke off the fatty and thiny show. Hes always getting his chest out.

    I know a LOT of your posts feature mr. O’Loughlin but please feature even more. I can’ t get enough of the crotch teaser from down under.

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