Forget the Gold, We’re Going for Silver

I’m feeling a little uninspired today (translation: L to A to the ZY), and I believe a little dash of salt and pepper will get me more into the mood of posting tomorrow. For now, here’s British Olympic swimming god Mark sex-me-now Foster recreating that famous David Beckham’s Armani panties ad, SANS socks and Photoshop 3 years ago. Gosh has it been that long? I can almost forgive him for the hideous tats on his pec for this. One would wonder if they’re drool soluble, because I’d be happy to lick it off — among other things.

  • bo

    may I say yummy?! I always have a thing for silverfoxes.

  • mckey

    Very sexy and at the same time he looks like a manwhore that everybody wants to fuck.

  • @mckey Well said!


    Beckham, who?

    This guy was always top spot material!

    Seeing some pictures on the net i could have sworn he’s copying Colton Ford in his appearance! Needless to say, rumours about him being gay have been circling on the net for years now.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Nice nutz.

  • rodthehorny

    I would love to have that used undies for a long hour of sniffing session.

  • igobyzach

    PASS, he’s uglier than sin!!

  • Jane S.

    OK, Igobyzach (or can I just call you Zach for short?), let’s see YOUR stuff. Because imho Mark is one lovely lean machine – hair, eyes, chin, lips, abs, and did I mention the eyes? Admittedly he was short-changed when they were passing out chest & leg hair, but that wasn’t his fault. Unless you have something better to offer, don’t criticize.

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