Guess This Hairy Chest

This screen grab is from one of the most celebrated British films of all time, of which I’m sure 99.99% of you have seen before. It’s a dead giveaway, so I’m not throwing anymore clues for you on this one. Guess before you click and don’t lose your blob!

Yes, it’s Gary Lewis from “Billy Elliot”! You know there’s a demand for this hot Scottish daddypiece when Google pleasantly suggested “gary lewis shirtless” in its Gary Lewis list, and you know Google never lies.

Gary Lewis Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Imagine having to clean all that tile grout…..

  • mckey

    He’s okay but the nipples are too small.

  • Fredo

    Never saw the movie, but dude is edible. Every inch, I say.

  • Daknee

    not bad for a guy in his 50’s

  • grapheme

    Invisible tan line between the head and the neck is a somewhat disconcerting, but otherwise not bad at all for his age. Maybe better with a beard and bear smile 🙂

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