Guess This Shaved Chest

I don’t mean to spoil your Sunday but this post just had to be done. It’s our first guessing game for 2011 and I’m sad to say it’s for a shaved chest. Who might be the owner of this completely deforested real estate? The term DILF came to mind, and this is hart-ly surprising since he has done LIVE chest mutilation in one of his films before. Guess before you click!

Yes, it’s Aaron Eckhart (via Splash) and he needs to leave his damn chest alone! “Running with Razors” is probably the most appropriate title for this frustrating mess. Double offence, anyone? And what about them hairless legs? Is this for some sci-fi film role or something? Shame on you, Aaron Eckhart!

That being said, I’d hit it so hard it hurts.

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