Guess This Shaved Chest

I don’t mean to spoil your Sunday but this post just had to be done. It’s our first guessing game for 2011 and I’m sad to say it’s for a shaved chest. Who might be the owner of this completely deforested real estate? The term DILF came to mind, and this is hart-ly surprising since he has done LIVE chest mutilation in one of his films before. Guess before you click!

Yes, it’s Aaron Eckhart (via Splash) and he needs to leave his damn chest alone! “Running with Razors” is probably the most appropriate title for this frustrating mess. Double offence, anyone? And what about them hairless legs? Is this for some sci-fi film role or something? Shame on you, Aaron Eckhart!

That being said, I’d hit it so hard it hurts.

  • DoverDavid

    Well my Sunday is ruined.

  • Julius Seizure

    Ruined my Sunday? The week’s shot. If work calls, tell them I’ve taken to my bed.

  • redcat

    Uncooked chicken.
    Anyway he’s still one of the hottest and most manly actors ever.

  • What a shame.

  • Jan Vos (Netherlands)

    Let the police arrest him for having a shaver. What a shame he used it for his body hair. Natural is the fashion rule now in Holland. So ban the shaver

  • rodthehorny

    omfg!!!!!!! i can’t accept this at all. it is a shame but still he still looks hot in many ways . so i foregive him for this :<

  • JAF

    Damn shame. I wish hairy chested hotties would stop doing this. It’s a waste of beauty.

  • Mark

    Funny that the shaving exposes how aged his skin is. Maybe if someone told him, he’d never do it again.

  • Krasinski

    What’s wrong with you guys? Are you the queer police or whatever? Even though he could be hairier, I’d still be delighted if he “asked me out”.

  • mckey

    First of all, Mark you’re totally right! He has a pair of beautiful nipples though.

  • macca

    redcat called it: uncooked chicken! LOL
    In addition to laying off the razor, I think the guy could also use some carbs and fat in his diet, too!

  • Daknee

    Hair aside, He looks better with some meat on his bones. Even a little belly

  • KarmaLysing

    Ironically, abominations like this are an indication that the entertainment industry’s psychotic obsession with “youth” has leveled the playing-field.

    It used to be that male actors could get plum roles no matter their age, fur-pattern, or, indeed, overall appearance; but if you were female and over about 35, unless your name was “Meryl Streep”, “Sophia Lauren” or “Lauren Bacall”, your options were, at best, limited.

    These days, gender doesn’t matter. If you’re over about 35, irrespective of your chromosomal makeup, you’re kind of sucking it, and you do what you have to in order to be “appealing” to that all-important “18 to 35” demographic (which collectively stalled out emotionally at about age 13, and finds secondary sexual characteristics “scary”).

  • Boris

    I am so eager of the day where “powers that’d be” realize that no mater what they might think, A SHAVE CHEST MAKES A HUMAN MALE LOOK OLDER, NOT YOUNGER! Sorry, I had to say it AGAIN… My father, who was quite the bear in his youth, is almost hairless now that he close to 80 y/o…

  • what

    How could this ruin anybody’s day. I’d get a rash with Aaron Eckhart ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

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