How Does This Make You Feel?

Sony Pictures recently released the first glimpse of adorkable English hipster bunny Andrew Garfield as the new Spider-Man. I’m not well versed in superheroes film literature, but I think this is the first time they feature a very average body on one. This is a complete opposite of Tobey Maguire’s buff party back in the first film (kindly ignore the GEOCITIES tag, thank you). How does Andrew Garfield in a skin tight suit make you feel?

And, to answer your question — yes, we do have Andrew Garfield shirtless. Is that all you think about? Me too.

  • mckey

    This guy is not my type at all.I’m sorry but from delicious Tobey Maguire to this guy is definately a huge downgrade.They should find someone that is more good looking than Tobey instead they did the otherwise.

  • bo

    how does this make me feel?
    It makes me feel like I want Tobey back. He was perfect playing that cute little awkward geek (read: adorkable) Peter Parker.

    Okay, maybe it’s unfair to judge him by the looks only (yeah right…) but he can’t pull off a perfect adorkble Peter Parker, I’m gonna hate him forever!!! (well, not really)

  • bo

    it’s supposed to be:
    “…but IF he can’t pull off a perfect adorkble Peter Parker, I’m gonna hate him forever!!! (well, not really)”

  • kennedyDC

    It makes me feel sad. This was a step in the wrong direction.

  • Booker J

    I’m bucking the trend and saying I’m excited about it. I did NOT like Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. And I’ve been totally in love with Andrew Garfield and his (real-life) British accent since I saw “Boy A.” I’m not a Spider-Man reader, so I’m not really sure what his circumstances are, but I’m pretty sure Peter Parker is not supposed to be an incongruously buff geek.

  • Spearo25

    There’s a better pic out there Square – one a little more ‘revealing’ in the (eh hem) lower region. Just sayin’.

  • Jason

    I think Andrew is beautiful and his body is perfect.

  • JIM


  • Daknee

    He’s too skinny

  • actually when he is at his normal body weight etc…. Andrew has
    a rather nice body. just rent or buy the dvd or blu-ray disc of the
    3 part English import THE RED RIDING. in fact you see a lot
    more than just his torso.

  • Stuart

    Boner killer. They should have just cast Justin Bieber and been done with it.

  • william Bennett


  • telly

    Upgrade. I’ve always found Tobey Maguire to be creepy and unappealing. Peter Parker is supposed to be lean towards average-y, and Andrew Garfield seems like a nice fit.

  • Zed

    Looks like he’s been living on flies!

  • lusty

    this pic does not look good, his too skinny, he looks like a victoria’s secret model

  • Mallory

    Looking at it from a comic book nerd’s point of view, ahem, it’s good. I think he looks more like Peter Parker ‘should’. That being said, Tobey was definitely much hotter in the role. If this guy can’t be properly sarcastic, then, ..what is he good for? Lets hope he can manage.

  • DoverDavid

    I think I have to wait and see the film to see if he can pull off the mix of hero and geek.

  • KMac


  • isoron

    Quite frankly Peter is supposed to be the age of the actor and Toby was hot but he couldn’t be Spidey today.

  • John Lee

    i agree with Booker J and telly. I’m excited for Andrew Garfield. I have NEVER liked Toby in ANYTHING he’s done, with except maybe Pleasantville. I can’t even watch Spider-man because i can’t stand him.. plus Andrew’s better looking and I prefer his ‘normal’ body type to the mega buff way they try to make superheroes in the movies. and i’m sure Andrew will have a bit of muscle on him for the film, just hopfully not a lot

  • grapheme

    Andrew is totally not my type whatsoever, but Tobey is really not any buffer to be honest, just a lot cuter for having an adorable face and for being shorter (and thus looking a little more pact, like you can fit in a little tight package 😉 Andrew just looks too spindley for my taste, and his looks don’t help him.

  • bellero

    He’s supposed to be the updated Spidey in the “Ultimate Spider-man” comics. These depict a much skinner, younger Peter Parker. Don’t stone the messenger. That’s Marvel Comics for you!

  • Bidux

    Lol Perfect Fit, I also never liked Tobey as spiderman, of course, that every1 would like a fit, muscular guy in the movie using tight outfits, but Andrew fits the role of Peter Parker MUCH better, not to mention that he also look fresh, unlike the already-old-on-spiderman1-Tobey. I dont like skinny guys myself but… I’d rather have Andy 1000x over Tobey.

  • I feel tobey maguire acting role in spiderman is much better than Andrew Garfield which Andrew was born in the U.S.A and has a dual American and British citizenship

    Tobey Maguire seems to have a sexier body than Andrew Garfield.

  • Mallory

    Tobey didn’t suck in the role or anything. But I feel that Andrew encapsulated Peter Parker as a young kid in high school with all of this shit happening to him much better.
    He made Peter a little sexier, but theres no problem with that

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