James Marsden’s Furriness in Modern Family

James Marsden Shirtless in Modern Family

Well, this is hardly news but by now you should know the rule of thumb in here – I’m always behind everything! ABC’s “Modern Family” is another show I don’t really bother to watch, but probably should based on the amount of skin in the hot tub alone. The forever delicious piece of mancake that is James Marsden has made a guest appearance last week as capped here by James Marsden Fan (with razor sharp frame by frame precision) and boy, he didn’t disappoint. The most important thing which is the chest hair was all intact and I’m pretty sure it’s still there, unless he’s shooting another superhero flick. We all know that ruins everything. While we’re in the topic of James, I really think he should keep the look on the far right because it’s totally doing things to me, in SO many different ways.

James Marsden Shirtless in Modern Family

James Marsden Shirtless in Modern Family

James Marsden Shirtless in Modern Family

James Marsden with Scruff

James Marsden with Scruff

  • mckey

    Definately hotter as he getting older.I just can’t believe how gorgeous how he looks now.Way to go James!

  • I had heard about this episode!! THANK FOR THE CAPS, Square!!! 😀 That’s way too little Marsden skin for my preferences but I’ll take what I can get. He’s kinda stingy with his skin on the whole 😛 Hot hot hot 🙂

  • Bro

    Modern Family is worth watching as it’s probably the funniest show on tv. Plus Ty Burrell is kind of a DILF, and well, I don’t think I need to say anything about James Marsden.

  • Milton

    All I can say about James Marsden is what I say about Ryan Phillippe, Brian Bloom, & Steve Strait… HOT DAMN!!
    P.S. Square, you gotta post shirtless pictures of Brian Bloom, from his mis ’90’s Playgirl photoshoot. He’s furry ALL OVER!!!

  • I hate when Marsden shaves his chest. Bless him for keeping it “real.”

  • i have been a James devotee ever since i watched the 1st episode
    of SECOND NOAH 14 years ago and i second the motion that the
    ever sexy James only gets more lucious as he matures. just out of
    curiosity when was the last time he shaved his chest as a fellow
    poster mentions? in DEATH AT A FUNERAL, THE BOX and SEX
    DRIVE James didn’t shave. plus in 27 DRESSES, HAIRSPRAY
    and ENCHANTED he didn’t even have a shirtless or sleeveless
    white t-shirt scene so what film is my fellow poster refering to?

  • @Milton I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now but Bloom seems to always slip off my mind!

    @Christopher I believe he did shave before for “X Men”, but that was a long while ago.

    @Justin You’re welcome!

    @Bro Ty Burrell needs to have some investigation done on him me thinks.

  • Daknee

    Now, we’re talking! James is a real hunk of man. He seems to get better with age!

  • Mark

    (Faints dead away on the floor.) LOVE him! (Though those teeth are a bit intimidating.)

  • James devotees should listen to the audio commentary on
    the dvd of GOSSIP a decent suspense thriller from April 2000.
    in it the director and James make witty comments about
    his chest hair.

  • Mikey M

    Yeah, he is aging well. And love the furry chest.

  • Chuck

    Ma husband!

  • Admiral

    I usually watch Survivor, USA network, then SVU. Had to DVR when James guest starred on ModFam. Shrtless? OMG! Call 911 and send the EMT for me.

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