Kyle Bornheimer in Perfect Couples

Kyle Bornheimer Shirtless in Perfect Couples

You know what, I’m a little hesitant to put Kyle Bornheimer in the “chunky” category anymore since he seems to have lost a significant amount of chunk lately. I might prefer him a little bit chunkier, but noone can deny that he looked damn good in the pilot episode of NBC’s latest rom-com, “Perfect Couples” capped by Groopii. He really is doing god’s work for us because the last rom-com I watched on TV was “Worst Week” and I lost interest halfway into the series when Mr. Bornheimer stopped losing his shirt. They always do that now, some skin bait to lure us at first but nothing towards the end!

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Kyle Bornheimer Shirtless in Perfect Couples

Kyle Bornheimer Shirtless in Perfect Couples

Kyle Bornheimer Shirtless in Perfect Couples

Kyle Bornheimer Shirtless in Perfect Couples

  • DoverDavid

    He totally does it for me, cute, furry, not overly muscled, and showing a hint of pit, this made my Friday!

  • Topaz

    I think in addition to trimming down, he also trimmed some of his body hair. Love Kyle, but I thought he looked better in “Worst Week.”

  • Metcalfe

    Not a fan. He’s average looking. Not funny. NBC keeps trying to push him down our throats, and none of his series ever get picked up for more than a year.

  • Logan

    metcalfe – they can push him down my throat anytime!


    hes adorable! but i prefer him chunky. and i prefer funnier television…

  • Reese

    He’s adorable but I agree with Metcalfe. Isn’t this the third series where Kyle’s embarrassed when someone catches him shirtless and he has to put his shirt on? Kyle will be in another situation romantic comedy next year.

  • mark b

    he’s my boy

  • armpit scene! joe loves it!


  • WarpedRecord

    Hard to put my finger on it, as much as I’d like to, but this guy totally does it for me. He’d be even better with a beard, but he’s incredibly fine just how he is.

  • wmassguy

    Definitely was hotter on Worst Week. He has trimmed down and done some “manscaping” Boooo!

  • I think he’s hot, but the show is insufferable.

  • Milton

    While Kyle was sexy when he was a little chunkier, I don’t mind the weight loss. Means he’ll be around longer for us to drool over. Plus, he’s STILL sexy. I think the word you’re trying to think of to describe his shaoe is endomorphic.

  • Zee

    Guess I’m the only one that misses Worst Week – loved that show, especially chemistry with him and the actress playing his wife. Thanks for sharing!

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