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Matthew Bomer Shirtless

No, the above isn’t the final nominations for Mr. World but if this is a contest for the most beautiful male specimen in the world — I believe Matthew Bomer would win hands down. Here are the caps of the genetic lottery winner from this week’s season premiere of “White Collar”, a scruffy but smooth as sin Austin Nichols from “One Tree Hill” and babier than baby face Matt Lanter from “90210” — all capped by the super duper Superherofan. There seems to be too much pretty and hairlessness in this post, but since it’s been a while I’m sure you’ll manage. I pity for the chick for being in the same frame as Mr. Bomer, because no matter what you do, he would totally out-beauty you in the end.

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Matt Lanter Shirtless

Matt Lanter Shirtless

Austin Nichols Shirtless

Austin Nichols Shirtless

  • mckey

    May God protects Matt Bomer for being too beautiful.

  • to SquareHippies-
    i will quite freely admit my fav type of guy is the masculine
    pretty boy. of course Nichols, Lanter and Bomer are the
    utter epitome of this type. and i certainly second your note
    that you pity any actress who has to be in a scene with Bomer
    especially if he’s shirtless. now i wouldn’t mind any of the three
    calling me at 3 a.m. and saying they want to come over but
    there’s one comment i have to make about Bomer. i don’t
    understand the point of coming out then a year or two later
    when you hit it big in this case with a popular cable t.v. series
    you more or less refuse to talk about the fact you came out
    a year or two before.

  • Ryan

    Austin Nichols is hot, but he’d be about a thousand times hotter if his face shared some of that hair with the rest of his body.

  • Karl

    Uuugh geez here we go again with the whole Bomer debate. Get over it folks, he don’t owe you any explanation. Gays everywhere shouldn’t feel entitled that Bomer should “represent”. He has a family to protect and a hit show to promote, let him do his job and just enjoy the pretty.

  • Karl certainly raises a valid point. but in his post is he
    suggesting that even after a gay actor comes out a
    year or two later when he hits it big he should go back
    into the closet to protect his career eventhough
    everyone knows friends and relatives included that
    he already came out?

  • john

    I’ve never been big on Austin Nichols, even since 2001 when he was in that Mary Kate and Ashley movie Holiday in the Sun… just not a fan. however i’d take the other two any day

  • Kip

    Bomer is the epitome of hot and classy all in one.

  • knockout

    aii I can say is: too bad all or any of them aren’t sharing my bed .

  • TXstud

    Matt’s pits are effin perfect

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