Ryan Gosling in All Good Things

Ryan Gosling Shirtless in All Good Things

I really don’t understand why Ryan Gosling hasn’t been exploited as much as Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds. He’s probably going for the talent-not-looks thing but the truth is, there will never be such thing as too much talent and too much hotness. These screen grabs are from one of his recent films, “All Good Things” capped from DaveId at Just a Dream (formerly Dreamcaps) which I’d probably give the skip-pause-skip treatment — most probably due to Kirsten Dunst. Although these caps seem generous, it doesn’t compare with the false advertising on the cover. Well, at least we get to see Mr. Gosling is a pair of wet undies. Squint away guys!

Ryan Gosling Shirtless in All Good Things

Ryan Gosling Shirtless in All Good Things

Ryan Gosling Shirtless in All Good Things

Ryan Gosling Shirtless in All Good Things

Ryan Gosling Shirtless in All Good Things

  • DoverDavid

    He never did anything for me, but I can always appreciate someone in tighty whities!

  • his body’s ok but bag his face

    • Gabriel

      Yeah and I bet you’re probably the hottest thing walking on 3 legs, huh? Don’t hate on this talented and seXXXy dude. I’ve never met an ugly Ryan. It MUST be a cute guys’ name.

  • okcspooge

    I will cook and sew for him.

  • nick

    I jus saw him at the Golden Globes. …. He does lots for me! Pure hotness!!

  • nick

    I jus saw him at the Golden Globes. …. He does lots for me! Pure hotness!!

  • freddy

    OMG, is that his happy trail in the fourth pic?? I’m dying!!!

  • mckey

    Cute but I have to agree with DoverDavid and Todd R.He is like a marshmallow soft and sweet.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Ryan Gosling is not as HOTT as Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds, it is true. But neither of them can hold a candle to him in the acting arena. Gosling is a terrific actor. The other two? Not so much. And only recently has Gosling started pumping up what was a rather scrawny physique. He’s just not as hot. But I’d go see one of his films before I’d watch the other two. See, I’m not all about sex!

  • metcalfe

    Never understood his appeal.

  • len

    he’s 100% hot to me.

  • Mike

    See him in “The NoteBook”. He is sweet, scruffy and sexy all in the same movie!
    After that he has always done it for me….

  • WarpedRecord

    I totally agree with Mike on “The Notebook.” He’s also hot in “The Believer” and “Lars and the Real Girl.” Haven’t seen “Blue Valentine” yet, but he looks amazing in the stills.

    Ryan may not be quite as hot as Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds, but he’s a much better actor than both of them and takes real chances with his characters.

    That said, I have to note that without facial hair, he does nothing for me physically. With the beard, the sky’s the limit. He needs a beard here.

    Square: What is this FeedBurner notice I get when I try to click my RSS feed? Another account I have to sign on to?

    • @WarpedRecord I have no idea, must be a FeedBurner email thing that some people use to get updates. You shouldn’t have to sign up for anything when viewing the site’s content with RSS.

  • Tks

    Does alot for me!! I find him to be the hottest thing around. Talent and looks. Ryan or Chris can’t hold a candle to them.

  • theduckhunter

    I have loved him since Breaker High his face so yummy I would suck it dry!

    His duck butt would be used every second of every day of every month of every year of every decade.

  • JuanCarlos

    He has an amazing body, not too over worked, just perfect!! and when he grows his beard is one hot, hot, hot man.

  • Milton

    Ya know,I even liked Ryan, when hew was a skinny little twink back in his Young Hercules days. Now,MY GOD how he’s developed into a fine Canadian hotty.

  • Ryan G. is certainly a talented actor. what i like about him is although
    he is very much in the “i’m a talented young actor not a piece of meat”
    anti-Hollywood mode he does keep his body in tip top shape.

  • skylar

    Wow…I had no idea that he had developed such a fine body. Nice surprise shirtlessness here.

  • Alex

    I’ve always always liked Ryan. First time I saw him was in one of those Nickelodeon shows: “Are you afraid of the dark? and/or Goosebumps then Young Hercules and he’s certainly grown up real nice. I like he’s become one of the better actors there while not pumping himself up to be a Hollywood pretty man.

  • Crazy movie 🙂

  • michael

    sorry, ryan gosling???? are you kidding me? he looks like everybody and nobody. he’s your average, nothing special joe walking down the sidewalk. theres nothin going on there.

  • RC

    He was always one of my favorite sexy men ! 9 on a scale from 1-10 !!!!!

  • jeep_driver

    sorry, he’s the hottest man without fur in the whole universe

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