The Essence of Irish Hotness: Craig Doyle

Craig Doyle

He’s not ginge but here’s Irish television host and presenter, Craig Doyle. Look at that cute Irish face. Can’t blame him for once having the title “The Sexiest Man on the Planet” (totally subjective). Doesn’t he make you want to book the next flight out to the Emerald Isle? That being said, I bet living with him is like having too much vanilla ice cream and I’m pretty sure he pays his bills on time. He used to be fun and all, wetting panties all over the UK hosting his TV show “Holiday” which got popular for all the right reasons (shirtlessness), but being a ‘dad’ makes him not want to share his God given hotness to the world. Having stripped naked in the first picture (which by the way didn’t exploit him to his full potential) is about the only exciting thing Craig has ever. done Totally not fair. Attitute magazine, are you listening?

Craig Doyle Shirtless

Craig Doyle

  • Vaughan

    Sorry, but to be “the essence of irish hotness” is mandatory to be ginge. And this is certainly not ginge… and not the essence of any hotness, irish or else.

  • mckey

    I have always into armpits since forever but something about this guy’s armpit that’s just a huge turn off for me.It just too much and not in a good way.It’s true what they say there’s always a first for everything.

  • Hm. Kiiiiiiiind of hot. If you’re hard up for hot. There’s much hotter where that came from in Ireland. When I was in Dublin in October I couldn’t go two feet without being stunned speechless by at least half a dozen insanely hot young irish men. Being the disgusting creepy stalker I am (you know this from past experience, Square — sorry I haven’t provided you with stalked hotties for a good year now), I snapped a fair number of @tapthatguy-style surreptitious pix of some of said guys. I think I managed to take photos of approximately 0.0001% of the hot men I saw in ONE SINGLE DAY in Dublin. And I took a *LOT* of photos of hot men. πŸ™‚

  • Oh and I disagree vehemently with Vaughan. I prefer Black Irish. Black Irish with blue eyes, *swoon*. Not that I’ll turn down Red Irish. Oh my god there was a blue-eyed ginger-bearded guy on Scruff when I was in Dublin who I am still occasionally considering slitting my wrists over since I didn’t get his message until I was already back in London. AND he was a medical student. Didn’t hurt that he was half my age, too πŸ˜‰ But Black Irish will always be my preference πŸ™‚

    I also agree entirely with mckey. It’s not that it’s “too much” per se. I’ve seen guys with that much hair who were beyond hot. It’s hard to put one’s finger on why the same thing that can turn you on can with a slight difference turn you SERIOUSLY off. But yeah. I’m with mckey on that pic … πŸ™‚

    Never mind, Square. Your blog continues to be one of my favourite places to visit. Oh and by the way, Square — you may want to try — quite a bit of it is NSFW, but not all; and it’s all furry all the time πŸ™‚

    • i know i’m tardy for the pardy, however, i just had to say that i love ginger but black irish men
      are totally HOT

  • Gaztop

    Craig did Attitude several years ago. I vividly remember it brightening up an otherwise dull train journey.

    By the way those pics do not do him justice; at all.

  • Colby varner

    Used to watch him on BBC World. Always fancied him. πŸ˜€ Lots of shirtless shots in that show!

  • Yeah, the armpit hair is kinda weird when wet. But I would never kick him out of bed.

  • WarpedRecord

    That has to be the most bizarre armpit hair I’ve ever seen, and he seems to be showing it off! Is that a Rhorschach test or something? Let’s see: The Wicker Man?

    I think he’s very attractive, but I’m afraid those pits would eat me instead of vice-versa. Still, I’d risk it.

  • @WarpedRecord LOL

  • Reese

    I think he’s handsome. Whoever he is, I’ll keep an eye out for that BBC show and his armpit hair now.

  • Mark

    @Vaughan Only 10% of Irish men are redheads. Mercifully.

  • Vaughan

    @Mark, well… but if you compare with the percentage of redheads in, for example, USA or Argentina or Spain… well, there’s lots more there. It’s like a little ginger paradise on earth.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t kick this guy of my bed either.. but, sorry to say, I would make him shave that weird hair over his nipples. Looks bad.

  • Phil

    Love to lick those pits-LOL…

  • Laura M

    Irish men are perfectly likely to have black hair, and I prefer it to red hair on men.


  • KMac

    Craig is one of those guys that looks much better with clothes on… (Dermot O’Leary is another) That said, I’d not kick Craig out of bed….

    His Dreamy eyes and gorgeous smile spend a lot of time trying to make me buy windows and kitchens

  • Boris

    Is that a tarentula around his nipple?

  • JuanCarlos

    His face reminds me of a young Matthew Fox, but the rest of the body, not hairy, sadly.

  • I’m sorry I have only bothered reading one or two comments, I’m only here to enjoy Craig Doyle. The man is fantastic looking and as sexy as hell. He also put me on to one of the best places to spend my vacations, I have an Island all to myself and guest-s should I want the company…hmm hey Craig do you remember which Islands in eastern Europe I mean? You are welcome any hour any day of the year I will cover your costs all of them.

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