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Daniel Booko Shirtless in iCarly

My inbox is full of “DOESN’T WORK” messages (don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate them), and trust me guys I’m trying my best on making the email subscriptions work again, even though my technical skills are probably no better than your cat. Fingers crossed that you’re reading this sentence from your email. I’m a little busy this week (no, that’s not another word for ‘lazy’) so weekend would be the best time for me to post the hotness at the moment. Til then, keep alerting me if you’re having problems and enjoy these quick shirtless caps of Daniel Booko (which probably comes from the Taylor Lautner clan) in “iCarly” by the always super Superherofan. I know there’s a serious lack of body hair here, but just bare with me for now. Yes, it’s supposed to be a children’s show and I think there was a joke in there somewhere.

Daniel Booko Shirtless in iCarly

Daniel Booko Shirtless in iCarly

  • WarpedRecord

    Hi, Square: I appreciate the heads-up. I figured I wouldn’t complain because obviously you put a lot of work into this site, and others are better at squawking when things don’t work. Besides, I visit here on my own when I haven’t gotten an RSS feed because you mean that much to me. Anyway, get well soon, subscription-wise.

    And in passing: These young, chiseled, hairless, model types do nothing for me. Next!

  • Mallory

    I’m with WarpedRecord on this. This guy looks way too molded like a doll or something, without enough cuteness. I mean he ain’t bloody awful? But he is none to great either.

  • KarmaLysing

    Hey, my cat hacks the Pentagon! (Or at least I suspect that’s what she’s doing when I’m not home).

    And I’ll “third” the “creepy plastic doll” sentiment. He reminds me of Zac Efron a few years ago.

  • DoverDavid

    I agree with everyone, he looks like a wax clone of every other gym guy, pop off his head and they all look alike.


    When did being in shape mean substandard. I would love to see how all you negatives stack up next to him and every gym guy.

  • Bill W

    I guess the point is “stacking up” is not always desirable. Except to queernazis.

  • hornyman

    this kid is gorgeous!!! i would prefer some hair especially on the abs but Daniel Booko is one hot stud

  • mt

    NOT pretty. Body is too over-done, face is almost terrible. Might be a nice enough guy though, but as far as looks go….um…NO

  • Hey Square — shoot me an email if you’d like help troubleshooting.

    • @Chris Thanks mate! I *think* I just worked this mess out but if anything I’ll give you a shout (or a cry for help, rather lol).

  • WarpedRecord

    Square: Looks like the feeds are working again … for the time being, at least!

    Meech: Your “stacking up” comment reflects exactly why these “ideal” types do nothing for me. It seems like you see this as a contest, which is yours to enter if you so choose. I prefer natural men to “gym guys” any day, which means I would lose your contest. I’m OK with that.

  • I don´t think he has a so handsome face. But his body is hot!


    My comment meant that you guys are ripping on him for being inshape. Just look at the other saying to overdone. Nowhave seen guys who are way more “overdone” than him and you guys fawn over them. Like in any relationship looks are fading. But it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy looking at an ideal human form.

  • heart123

    dude idk what every1s talking about ehs fuking hott!!!

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