Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis Shirtless in The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis’s brief skin scene in Luc Besson’s “The Fifth Element” should be filed under “why is that not here”, considering my not so little obsession with this major star of my wet dreams for the past two decades. Well, here are them skin caps to add to the growing collection of this absolute sex on legs. He might not have the best body in Hollywood for an action star, but the sex factor on this one is totally off the charts. Many apologies for the disappearance for the past week or so, my ass is doing what gays do best — decorating the living room.

Bruce Willis Shirtless in The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis Shirtless in The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis Shirtless in The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis Shirtless in The Fifth Element

Let’s not forget the actual star of the scene, this cross eyed fluffy pussy!

Bruce Willis Shirtless in The Fifth Element

  • redcat

    I liked him when he had little hair; the shiny bald look is such a turnoff.

  • bo

    he’s mine! He’s Mine!! HE’S MINE BITCHES!!!

  • Josh

    Willis is like Tom Cruise. (minus the crazy) Sometimes he’s hot, sometimes he’s not. I liked him in this movie, he looked good and the movie was a lot of fun. Much underrated flick if you ask me.

    I kind of wonder what Willis would be like in the sack. I bet he’d be a decent lay. We’ve all seen his cock in Color of Night, it looks thick enough, probably average in length….. Yeah, I’d do him at least once. He may be getting old but probably still knows what to do with his cock and mouth.

    Huh……he and Demi and Ashton are such good pals…. wonder if he’s fucked Ashton in the hoo haa? – might be the reason they get along so well, cause Bruce knows he’s still in control of both of those bitches! ! !

  • thebigham

    Bruce at his hottest!!


  • David

    @square The RSS Feed seems to be outdated, any way to fix this?

  • DoverDavid

    I go with Josh, sometimes hot, sometimes not too much so.

  • Ruby Rhod


  • gregg

    This may show my age but i remember jerking off to him in Moonlighting, and those guys from Riptide! lol.

  • I posted about him once at my old blog.
    He was really hot when he was younger.

  • Boris

    I don’t know why, but I am partial toward men with bleach hair… And Bruce Willis was one of my favourite bottle blond male actor of all time!

  • Anne Noise

    Hell yes. One of the best movies of all time, and Bruce is at his sexiest.

  • He was so hot in this movie. Something about the orange shirt and the hair. And his pits were very inviting.

  • Mckey

    He really looks like a bisexual men that will never come out of the closet even as bisexual.He has hot armpits.

  • Josh

    Just came back to this post to see what others had to say bout Bruce and this movie. I agree with all of what everyone said.

    Just to personalize though —

    @Gregg – Moon what and Rip who? Moonlighting was Bruce’s first gig, right? I’ve never seen an episode. Have to check that out. The other show I’ve never heard of.

    @ Boris, Todd R and Mickey – the bleached hair was a bit turn on to me too for some reason. — The orange tank top, same thing. —– Couldn’t agree more about the bisexual thing.

  • gregg

    Hey Josh..Riptide was on ’84 – ’86. The actors were Perry King and Joe Penny. Google image them! nice hairy chests, lol.

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