Coming Out (of His Shirt)

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Do I really need an excuse to post these shots of a generously shirtless Matthew Bomer in “White Collar”? No, I certainly don’t think so. I feel we could use a little pretty today, so enjoy this little striptease capped by Superherofan earlier this month. It’s like watching art in motion, no?

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

  • Daknee

    He has to be one of the most good looking beautiful men I’ve seen on the screen in a long time. He’s pretty yet masucline.

  • T

    And gay as a treeful of parakeets…

  • Kyle

    He doesn’t do it for me. I don’t care for the face, nor the hair. And his build isn’t that great either – though he’s doing the most with what he’s got.

  • pu

    amazing man 🙂 whenever whereever whatever

  • Phil

    Oh the pain-the excuisit pain…

  • What a male chest!

  • Phil

    A tree full of parakeets?- 😀 …

  • Gregg

    @pu – totally agree. The most beautiful human specimen on planet earth. Supposedly near genius IQ. Always classy and nice too. Total package – and the fact that he is on our team – ++++

  • Pete K

    @Kyle – LOL, I’ve got a great eye doc I can recommend, 99.99% of the world would like to ‘work with what he’s got’….

  • john

    Love him, Used to watch Guiding light when he was on. Has the greatest hairy legs.

  • I


  • littlewolf

    this is the hottest guy alive

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  • pettyferx

    Love him, his my husband

  • william

    i love him too, he my mistress.

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