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Michael Angarano Shirtless in Ceremony

Phew. I think I have solved the feed / email subscription issue and you guys should have the latest and the greatest in your inbox by now, but please let me know if you’re still having troubles with it. Anyways, let’s get on with this mystery stache owner. Honestly, I always feel a little dirty for featuring this very young looking actor here, despite the fact that he’s 24 this year. I guess some people are born to look young forever! This cap is from his upcoming film. Guess before you click!

It’s Michael Angarano, the star of films such as “Black Irish”, “Snow Angels” and “The Forbidden Kingdom” from his upcoming film “Ceremony“. There’s something very Michael J Fox-ish about this actor — he hasn’t changed AT ALL since he was in “Sky High”. Well, he has a nice pair of pornstache here so that’s a little different but I still feel a little dirty because it does something to me. You know staches ALWAYS do! Off to a cold shower I go.

Michael Angarano Shirtless in Ceremony

Lee Pace in Ceremony

Also, Lee Pace + scruff = YES & YES.

  • Vaughan

    I’m usually all for facial hair (bah, usually hair… all over as long as is not a fur coat). But Lee Pace doesn’t look so good on that pic. He looks “sick”.
    I prefer him clean shaven or as Roman in “Possession” (wich was a kinda crappy movie except for him…)

  • panini

    Uh? You should mention he was Jack’s son in Will & Grace.

  • Joetx

    @ panini – Now I feel like a perv. Either that or I must be real old.

  • KarmaLysing

    Lee Pace… DROOL. WANT.

    Michael Angarano is one of those lads I pegged as a “rising hottie” when first I saw him in “Sky High” some years ago. He’s probably going to be stuck on “boyish” for the rest of his life, but my goodness, he sure has filled out nicely in the last few years…

  • panini

    @Joetx Me too.

  • WarpedRecord

    I think Lee Pace looks scrumptious with the scruff. As for Michael Angarano, when he takes the binoculars down, he looks a bit too much like David Spade to me.

    Square: It’s great you’re getting advertising, but is laser hair removal really the best fit for this site? Seems a bit unclear on the concept.

  • sam

    hi, just want to tell that the feed is not working again…

  • Booker J

    I don’t get it. He looks like a 12-year-old who’s been playing with glue and trimmings from his dog.

    As for Lee Pace: this will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve always been in love with Lee as a transwoman in “Soldier’s Girl.” S/he was HOT in that movie.

    And yeah, when I try to link onto the site from Google Reader, it always gives me some weird FeedBurner page.

  • @Sam & Booker J It *should* be working by now and I’ve tested it with Google Reader, worked fine. I’ll give Feedburner another ping and see if it actually works this time. Thanks for the alert!

    @WarpedRecord It is annoying but not much I can do about it as it’s beyond my control! 🙁

  • Colby varner

    Can’t wait for Mike’s sex scandal, if he ever had one. 😀

  • Mike

    Was this the same kid who played Jack’s son on Will & Grace. He kinda looks like him.

  • Milton

    WOW!! I’d never have guessed that belonged to Michael Angarano. I recently saw a picture of him with a little scruff of chin hair, & although I like him clean-shaven, he looks sexy with a scruffy face.

  • Justin

    Woah..the kid from Will & Grace got really, really hot.

  • Mallory

    I’ve always thought Michael Angarano was cute. Even as he gets older that ain’t gonna change. That doesn’t mean hes got me pawing at myself either, exactly.

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