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Matt Le Blanc Shirtless in Episode

After Ross, Joey was always the next ‘friend’ I’ve waited with baited breath to get his shirt off. I was convinced that Matt LeBlanc doesn’t really age gracefully, but I was in the wrong meat aisle. Put him in a salt and pepper beefy hairy daddy category and you have a winner. These are capped by Groopii from the finale of “Episode”, as in a new episode of Matt LeBlanc as everybody’s favorite piece of daddybeef. p.s: If you’re not receiving updates via email anymore, that’s because my ass can’t figure the hell out of Feedburner. Or maybe it is a punishment for abandoning the ship for more than a week. Either way, I can promise you I’m posting shirtless stuff THIS weekend instead.

Matt Le Blanc Shirtless in Episode

Matt Le Blanc Shirtless in Episode

Matt Le Blanc Shirtless in Episode

  • fofml

    Oh my God he’s become so DELICIOUS! I’m always disturbed to see how much more I am attracted to a man once he is past 40… but I love it!

  • Nick

    He’s my favorite among the cast of Friends. He’s handsome and sexy.

  • thebigham

    Matt was furry on Friends. YouTube has a video of him shirtless 3 times and he was hairy in each clip.

  • Daknee

    He’s my favorite too of the friends cast. I only wish he kept the belly he had on his seriers Joey.

  • firemansam

    he kind of reminds me of Nathan Lane during The Producers. Which is a bonus.

  • Joey as a DILF? Who’da thunk it?

  • Mckey

    I never thought joey has an oval nipples.

  • Amit

    ….I didn’t think it was possible, but he’s gotten hotter.

  • DoverDavid

    YUMMY breakfast is served. I like that he is keeping the gray.

  • Darryn

    he must look really sexy to see him wanking off to the tengatango sex toys (http://www.tengatango.com)

  • Todd R

    Holy fuck. He looks amazing.

  • Le Damn. That man is edible.

    Every inch.

  • ThatGuy

    He really has never looked better.

  • Steve

    I’ve always loved him – – What a fucking stud – – His chest is perfect!!!!!!!

  • wmassguy

    WOOF Daddy!!!!

  • Too bad we can´t see his abdomen clearly! Anyway, I liked his nipples.

  • john

    So fucking hot, better than ever

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