Alex O’Loughlin in GQ Australia

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless in GQ Australia

As usual, my ass is the last one on the planet who’s posting this piece of news,  but I guess I’m speaking for everyone here when I say this shoot needs more exploitations! Despite the lack of generosity in these shots with GQ Australia, Alex O’Loughlin is still looking scorching as usual. Having said that, I personally think that he looks like me (except mucho less hot, of course) all day at the office when I didn’t have enough time to do my business at home. I just wish I’m more like that guy in accounts who doesn’t give a shit (no pun intended) about not doing number two at work. With that note, enjoy!

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless in GQ Australia

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless in GQ Australia

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless in GQ Australia

  • pu

    everytime, everywhere, whatever he wants to do 🙂

  • DoverDavid

    How fitting that the first picture of Alex features his crotch so one’s thoughts can drift to immagination, and mine did!!

  • great bod and face

  • KarmaLysing


    That is all. Oh, wait… not quite: I’m REALLY LOVIN’ the “H5-0” reboot. REALLY. LOVIN’.

  • Daknee

    He looks best with long hair but hey! I wouldnt’ kick him outtta bed with his short hair. LOL!

  • jac

    &%$#@(*^!~+&#!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call for the paddles! Holy F***!
    Hot Alpha male wet dreams!

  • Dene

    Oh yes, please-!!!!

  • Andy

    Oh my god …he is so hot and dreamy …If he looks good with clothes on, how hot he will be without his clothes…well let picture that in our minds….

  • KJ

    Too bad about the tats though… at least he’s not covered that beautiful chest as did my other crotch-throb— Adam Levine. Stop the tats boys… it detracts from that beautiful hairy body!

  • Mckey

    This guy is ultimate example of manwhore.He likes to expose his body every chance he gets.I know it’s not a bad thing but it’s just cheap and tasteless when you do it all the time.People will get bored!To say he’s that cute,not really.I mean compare to other Australian actors in Hollywood.Good body but his face does nothing for me.A lot of people take advantage of him because he lets them.Just slow down a bit on being shirtless.

  • Metcalfe

    I disagree, if you’ve got it, flaunt it…as long as you know that for some people, your body may be the main selling point, why not? Use what you have.

    I agree on the tats – if he didn’t have those, he’d be gorgeous. I wish guys would quit doing the tattoos.

  • michael

    he’s definately beautiful, BUT, why dont we have pics of that massive, 100%, prime grade A hunk from that show “the guard”. you know who im talking about, tallllll, daaaark, long hair, beard, stache guy? i dont know his name, but he’s a wet dream walkin….

  • KarmaLysing

    Michael, his name is Steve Bacic, and there are many, many, many posts about him in the Forum. Most of them by me. (I’m a fan).

  • Larad

    Dear god that man is just beautiful!
    He is so sexy and yummy!

  • JD

    I wanna be the meat in the middle of an Alex O’Loughlin Andrew Lincoln (hot main cop character in The Walking Dead on AMC) sandwich!
    Oh my GOD. Kill me now! That would be the end of my life for sure. I’d die.

    I just did a search, no Andrew Lincoln on the site Square? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??! One of the hottest men on TV and he’s not here? Or did I search wrong somehow?

  • Angel

    Wow gotta watch that movie with J.LO Can’t wait to see him in that movie!

  • Jeff R

    Great with bag over his head for me!

  • DJ

    I wanna fuck that sexy bitch

  • hally

    Alex is just so hot. Aus GQ have just done another set of pics that are all over the net and they’re frigging scorchio! One has a lovely armpit hair shot.

    What I wouldn’t do to this man, or let him do to me. I’m such a slut for him.

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