Better with Stache: Vintage Tom Berenger

Tom Berenger in The Dogs of War

My ass might be heavily biased on this, but I really feel that Tom Berenger has more impact on the crotch with a pair of mustache. I can’t really say he ages gracefully, but in these caps from 1995 softcore thriller (MY kind of film, they don’t make those anymore) “Body Language” — Tom has most things (and you can already guess what are missing) I want in a mature man. Also, I’ve included some stache-tastic caps from a film 15 years earlier, “The Dogs of War” capped by Capped, who had a recent awesome redesign. Enjoy!

Tom Berenger Shirtless in Body Language

Tom Berenger Shirtless in Body Language

Tom Berenger in The Dogs of War

Yes, PHWOAR is right. Straight out of a Tom of Finland drawing!

Tom Berenger Shirtless in The Dogs of War

Tom Berenger Shirtless in The Dogs of War

  • Rafael

    I was so confused.. I had read the title as “Tom Bergeron” and was like “BWAAA??!! GAME SHOW/DANCING WITH THE STARS HOST?? WHAT?”

    My brain isn’t working this morning. :\

  • len

    are you guys in squarehippies SO HARD UP for hotness, that you have to go backwards in time to grab ONCE WERES! there are SO MANY hotties today. for instance the guy who is handicapped on GLEE is a cutie.

  • len

    ps……come on now squarehippy guy. stop being SO LAZY and keeping the SAME guy on day after day. you can do BETTER THAN THAT!

  • fofml

    shut up, len, this is a great post!

    Tom Berenger is such a dilf (I take it you are familiar with this term, Square!)

  • Mckey

    I love this guy and he has pretty hot pits.I also somehow feel that he is underrated in Hollywood.

  • thebigham

    Tom was never furry, was he?

    Hey! NO complaining!!

  • Harold

    C’mon, len, don’t harp on Square now. This and everything else that he’s done that I’ve viewed has been pretty fantastic. Man, appreciate, don’t hate!!

  • Bonkers

    I think it’s cos a mustache hides the corners of his mouth, which have a weird droop to them!

  • Reese

    Tom Berenger is beautiful, younger or older. Beautiful body beautiful face. I get the impression that he’s always been underappreciated and unnecessarily dressed.

  • Andy

    I’d rather see Tom Berenger than any one of those metrosexual losers on Glee! Thanks for the caps!

  • asher

    Can you please feature more vintage stuff like this especially from 80s movies which were so unintentionally homoerotic. Handsome leading men wore ridiculously small shorts or crotch-huggingly tight pants and were shirtless for inordinate amounts of time because society hadn’t yet been infected by this homophobic stigma that pervades today’s media.

  • weege

    Wow, he looked a lot like Tom Hardy when he was young. I wonder if that’s why he was chosen for “Inception”?

  • Michael

    I’ve always loved this handsome man. I want his tongue in my mouth.

  • Richard

    Guys…you forgot the best: Tom was Mr. Goodbar in Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Check out the parking lot scene!!

  • Diana

    I will marry him. :-)))

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