Charles Mesure in V

Charles Mesure Shirtless

I’m not really familiar with the name Charles Mesure, but judging from the shirtless caps by Superherofan (of course!) in the new “V” (of which I never bother to watch, but the original was awesome), I feel like I have to conduct a thorough investigation on his acting career and scrounge for some more skin scenes. Maybe it’s the beard, the deliciously manly curves or the combination of both — but the fact is crotches are exploding by the time I’m finished with this sentence. Crash. Boom. Squirt!

Charles Mesure Shirtless

Charles Mesure Shirtless

Charles Mesure Shirtless

Charles Mesure Shirtless

Charles Mesure Shirtless

  • WarpedRecord

    Anybody got a flashlight? I need a better look at this guy.

  • Gilgil


  • Anne Noise

    Very, very satisfying V last night!


    Nice one!

    You should really watch first episode of ‘This is not my life’

  • Obviously I need to catch up on my DVR 🙂

  • He has a hot abdomen!

  • Todd R

    He looks damn good.

  • Bro

    hope we got to see more of Joel Gretsch though – he is the hottest…

  • bo

    It’s like Robert Downey Gyllenhaal. Which is hot

  • KarmaLysing

    “V” has a plethora of hotness from which to choose, Square, including our favorite “Son of Satan” adorkable, Brett Harrison.

    Charles Mesure has played bad guy/terrorist types in a lot of t.v. series, both here and across the pond. He rarely loses clothing, though, so I think we owe the producers and writers of “V” a big old “WOOT!”.

  • extra yummy, beautiful manliness. i could make a
    comment about his pecs and nipples but i’m sure the
    webmaster won’t post it. .

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  • RC

    HOTTER then Hugh Jackman !

  • He played the Archangel Michael on Xena, back in the day. Hot then, hot now.

  • babyboy

    He “MEASURE” up just fine….

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