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Shirtless Guys in Fosters Ad

It’s not everyday you saw an ad with a few slightly more than average looking guys and thought to yourself, I’d do ALL of them. This new ad from Foster’s does just that. The Crocodile Dundee looking blond Ozzie might smell like sea salt and anchovies, but I still would. As a flaming gay, I think the idea is cute, but some people see this particular commercial as insensitively homophobic. You decide, after the jump.

Shirtless Guys in Fosters Ad

Shirtless Guys in Fosters Ad

Shirtless Guys in Fosters Ad

  • scarreduser

    Hey !!!! are we getting toofar the furriness ? I want more Hair !

  • Another good commercial running right now is the HTC desire commercial for AT&T featuring a smoldering hot Sean Carrigan looking very Jason Statham-ish. This is one commercial I will not fast-forward through.

  • There is a comm’l I saw where these car salesmen’s shirts are ripped on the one side because they put these big buttons on. The first guys is a hairy silver fox which surprised me then the second guy is also really hairy underneath. I wish I could remember what the comm’l was for exactly.

  • To my eyes it’s not homophobic. It’s mocking the guys for being so homophobic that they’ll set up a hot line to avoid any hint of looking gay. In a sense it’s having it’s cake and eating it too — homophobic guys won’t necessarily see themselves being mocked — and the mocking is certainly light-hearted and not in any way seriously condemning of their idiocy — but the point is that it’s making a joke out of men being afraid to touch one another for fear of being branded gay. That’s my two cents anyway.

    The guys are cute, but they’re none of them really my type. Not enough fur 🙂

  • Milton

    Justin has certainly nailed it. I think the bloke in the yellow speedoes is the sexy one.

  • The guys are adorable in this commercial, nothin wrong with “normal.” And Todd, the commercial is a Honda ad and the first guy with the ripped shirt used to do the Travelocity commercials.

  • Laura M

    I like the guy on the cellphone, he has a cute belly.

  • KarmaLysing

    1) Todd, it’s a Nissan commercial.

    2) That Foster’s commercial is a stitch. It’s only “homophobic” if you’re a professional victim with a stick up your bum.

    3) Sean Carrigan… Thanks! I wondered who that hottie was…

  • len

    the guy with the speedo is a doll, but the commercial is STUPID!

  • Rob

    I have no problem with it.

  • Oh! I really liked it!

  • Anthony

    It’s a shit ad…

  • TGB

    They can advertise it however they want; Fosters is utter piss, which is why we export it.

  • TGB

    P.S. I think it’s sweet that these two boys are so concerned about etiquette and good manners that they’d call a hotline for advice on what’s appropriate on their first date.

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