Guess This Furry Chest

It has been a long while since we have some healthy narcissism on this joint, so let’s do one today. The above image is obviously from the gift that (still) keeps on giving, Guys with iPhones and if he ended up in this kind of post, it’s obviously a celebrity. I still have troubles spelling his name but as long as the shameless shirtless self promotion keeps coming, I will learn. Since it’s actually hard to give a clue without giving the answer away, we’ll just leave this fezzy fuzzy chest for you to guess!

Yes, it’s Fez! I really don’t know wether to roll my eyes or drool at this picture, so I’ll just do both at the same time. Unlike his c0-stars, Wilmer Valderrama’s acting career has been pretty much in the gutter since “That 70’s Show”, so it is crucial that he keeps on taking his shirt off (and pants, hopefully) and show it off to keep himself relevant in today’s man eat man world.

  • DoverDavid

    I guessed wrong.

  • yes please

  • bhar48069

    Fez will do anything for a little publicity.

  • Mckey

    Such a homolicious! He looks like he could be Sanjaya’s big brother.

  • gregg

    Holy fuck, who knew! Now please take another when all that fur is fully grown in!

  • good olde Fez has matured quite nicely but and this is a
    big but. since Wilmer is over 21 i’m hedging the bet the
    chest hair we see is the extant of its growth.

    also why are chests with even the smallest amount of
    hair refered to as “fuzzy”? i’m a stickler for the correct
    use of words so shouldn’t “fuzzy” be reserved for guys
    who have chest hair with a capital C and a capital H?
    just a thought.

  • Phil

    @ Christopher…I disagree I didn’t get my full chest pelt til I was in my late Twenties…We all mature at a different rate…

    On another note OMG!!! did he grow up nice…I’d gladly lick that fuzzy treasure trail…

  • scott

    i always thought this dude was hot. And he’s just getting hotter and hotter. Nice fur and nice physique.

  • Julius Seizure

    Ricky Martin – Penny-Saver Edition.

  • xxx

    iphone 4

  • Eric

    I wanna see his legs

  • Hey, ‘Fez” has always had an “incredible” body on him; always wanted to Breed him, would still Love to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arthur


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