Harrison Ford in Blade Runner

Harrison Ford Shirtless in Blade Runner

It could be a pure coincidence, or it could be that shirtless scenes in films and my instinct are now best friends. I fell asleep halfway through “Blade Runner“, and woke up just in time for Harrison Ford’s shirtless scene featuring his rather luscious hairy chest. They don’t make stars like him anymore — all man, all natural. Ford is my essential 80’s lust object, although I was only one when this movie was made. Here are some caps by yours truly, for all of you who got excited in the pants looking at Indiana Jones on the poster before even seeing the actual film. Me included, of course.

Harrison Ford Shirtless in Blade Runner

Harrison Ford Shirtless in Blade Runner

Harrison Ford Shirtless in Blade Runner

  • Mckey

    I love him.Really special especially to Star Wars gay fans.

  • Rock

    Absolutely hot.

    However, I’ll disagree that there are not stars of this “man’s man” ilk anymore. Examples:

    Gerard Butler
    Jon Hamm
    Bradley Cooper (on an unshaven day)
    Alex O’Laughlin
    Scott Caan

    I do agree we need more like them, though (and preferably shirtless,of course)

  • Boris

    And the best thing is that time has not been to cruel for him… He is still, in his older age, very palatable!

  • undapantsman

    oooh man, i love that movie, and not JUST because of his shirtless-ness, but i’m not saying that i don’t look forward to that part. =D nice post square! (as usual)

  • Bloomberg

    I just had a boner…

  • JD

    An icon and a legend for sure. Nobody is even close to Ford. I can’t even compare the few leading men of today to him. He’s closer to the ones who are long gone. Gable, Grant, Hudson, etc. to name a few.

    He was 40 when Bladerunner came out. Not bad looking for 40.

    That’s funny Square, you were 1 year old and I was 2 years old. LOL –

    Agreed though that he is extremely handsome…and even today, nearing the 70 mark, he’s still a handsome man. Even though he is beginning to show his age. I was surprised when I saw him in Morning Glory, at how much older he looks since the last time I saw him in what I hope is the FINAL Raiders of the Lost Ark movie.

    Thanks for the post. Love Bladerunner! If you have not seen it, you should. It’s a classic.

  • JD

    OH yeah! I forgot about that movie poster! OMG! That was the best drawn “perfect man” image I have ever seen! Indeed, it still gets me “excited in the pants” when I see it.

    Here’s a link to a copy of the poster that I created for all of those who have never seen it. (and that leads me to ask, What gay man has NOT seen it???!)

    http://tinypic.com/r/ej940l/7 So very sexy and masculine and hot!

  • len

    loved harrison ford. but that was YEARS ago. c’mon square, find more new hotties. you liked christopher mintz pliesse……look at a shirtless kevin mc hale from glee

  • DoverDavid

    Always a good classic of just your average man, not too pretty, not overly muscled.

  • So delicious.

  • Reese

    A classic man. A classic movie. I don’t think he ever looked better. Five stars.

  • bo

    Even now at 69 I still think he’s pretty hot. If only I can get the other thing of the same number from him.

    (okay, you can ban me, I don’t care , it’s worth it :D)

  • J.B.

    Nice. I’m most attracted to him in Frantic, myself. Gotta love the scene where he’s naked and covering his naughty bits with a teddy bear. GREAT movie, too.

  • Nice to see you going back to an oldie but goodie, square!

  • He still has a hot body!

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