How Does This Make You Feel?

Is it “teen idols shirtless month” or something? These skin filled images never stop do they? Maybe because I’m one of five people on earth who don’t watch “Glee“, but this picture shot by photographer Christian Rios (via Just Jared) does absolutely nothing to me. I call it the Lautner effect. Maybe it does something to some of you, but hey it’s a shirtless picture — who can blame me for putting it here?

  • DoverDavid

    I don’t watch Glee either, another cloned body

  • Mckey

    It’s like somebody just glued a raisins on his chest.Those nipples are so not attractive at all.Sorry blondie you’re not even close to compare to the flawless perfection ultimate beauty known as Zac Efron.

  • KarmaLysing


  • Booker J

    Oh thank gawd. I thought I was the only queer on the planet who doesn’t get Glee’s appeal. Yeah, that Matthew whatsisname is KINDA cute, but not cute enough to make me sit through a show about singing teenagers.

  • Jake

    I love glee but I just don’t find him hot. And I don’t really know anyone that does 😛

  • How does this make me feel? VERY HORNY.

  • me

    I hate Glee, but I love THIS! Thanks!

  • Mallory

    Woo, I get to be the 1st one who likes Glee? It’s hilarious, if you try to take it seriously, of course you won’t like it. Anyway, THIS mother#ucker however, has never done anything for me. So, for him specifically……eaaaah. Next?

  • redcat

    He’s cute but as sexy as a hospital bed.
    Not a Glee fan here, though I watched many episodes because of guest stars.

  • Yup

    Are you guys high? Forget the show Glee, this guy is HAWT!!!

  • bo

    does nothing to me too.

  • Barr-Barr

    Meh to the second power..

  • knockout

    he and the show really do nothing for me.

  • Tom

    This is not a turn on for me…I want some hair!!! I am just not into blonds much anyway. Give me dark hair or red hair with hairy chest and I am in heaven!!!

  • len

    there is only 1 person on glee who excites me. it’s ADORKABLE kevin mc hale

  • Sammy


    He’s cute, but doesn’t do it for me!

  • Bob

    Like the show, and don’t care for musicals, go figure. The man in question is Chord Overstreet, He’s got the hottest lips, and a great smile. Don’t let the smooth fool ya. The shows about teens, which he’s not. These are the least flatttering shots I’ve seen of him.

  • servonut

    Love the show. LOVE his voice! But he does nothing for me sexually. I just about died laughing last episode when one of the main characters dedicated her song “Trouty Mouth” to him.

  • Jake

    I Absolutely Love glee! and i love chord overstreet, hes so Hot!

  • ridi


    None of the other guys are hot, but Darren Criss is adorable.

    His performance of Don’t You Want Me was gold.

  • Nessa Davis

    Baby he does nothing for me, too young and well yea he just does nothing for me at all

  • I’m in the band of five non-‘Glee’ watchers, too, but while he is no bradley cooper, these pics aren’t so bad, square.

  • These shots make me feel slightly queasy actually. Something about the lighting maybe. Not attractive. But thanks for sharing.

  • Nevets

    Honestly, Glee isn’t the hit people like to prepare it is. It gets around 10 million viewers a week…good? Sure. Great? Not really. It also has a very short shelf life.

  • I agree about Darren Criss + his badass performance of “Don’t You Want Me”. To answer his question, I do. I do want him.

    Love him, love Glee. I am not as crazy about Chord Overstreet as I am about Darren, but this is still a pretty tasty shot of him. Mark Salling (Puck) is a little hottie, too. And I also have a thing for Cory Monteith + John Stamos. Some definite watchable guys, in my opinion.

  • JamesD

    How does this make me feel? Like vomiting.

  • RC

    I’ll take him since the others do not seem to like this one ! : o)

  • CAM

    I think he’s pretty hot, especially in this pic:

  • Metcalfe

    odd photo – weird lighting.

    Chord’s got an unattractive face, but a hot body. But this is not his best photo.

  • Joe

    very hot. and for the one saying he’s too young, he’s 22 lol hottest guy on Glee, Darren’s a close 2nd.

    he’s definitely sexy but his shoulders look weird in this picture. not like i’d kick him uot of bed though

  • JD

    Nothing about him or that show do I find remotely attractive. It’s so gay. LOL

  • JD

    He reminds me of Willem Dafoe, especially in that picture. No color, looks drained of blood. Nope. Again, nothing attractive there.

  • gad1n10

    Weird pose… what’s with the shoulders? Looks like he should be starring in Twilight.
    Thought it was Ryder Strong at 1st glance… YUM!

  • Daz

    aww look it’s trouty mouth…

  • Optilux

    I love Glee, but this guy does nothing to me. Sorry Sam!

  • Nope, doesn’t do anything for me either :/ I much prefer the Peter Saarsgard body type

  • Harry

    Well it might not do things to a lot of you, but it CERTAINLY does things to me.

  • redmangleek

    Not bad, cute!

  • peter

    How can u guys dont think he is super hot?? he’s perfect abs really drives me crazy! I love glee too and he is really hot even there! so if u dont think he is hot, please show me u r hotter!
    He is awesome!

  • reireirei

    Oh dear, oh my gosh!

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