Pitting Pretty

If you don’t get the title, just pretend it’s not there. I tried! Before you’re making assumptions, I can promise you that I’m not turning this website into a shameless teen idol shrine (the ‘shameless’ part stays though). It’s just that they just keep taking their shirts off this week and I’m powerless to resist. Well, you’ve seen the pictures in them glossy magazines, but here are the larger version for your viewing pleasure, via Just a Dream. Zac Efron shirtless on the beach is a common sight these days (free publicity is that you?) but as we all know you can never have too much of a good(?) thing. Here’s to a great weekend everyone!

  • Gary

    Whoa. Is that a tattoo? Could someone explain what it could mean?

  • Mckey

    Really hot pits!I wonder what he smells like?

  • DoverDavid

    I saw these some place else and figured sooner or later they would show up here, this site never disappoints.

  • Bob

    Don’t ever appologize for having Zack Efron on your site.
    It is nice to see him growing into a fine young man.
    Glad to see that he doesn’t shave his body hair.

  • Those pits are hot and I like his treasure trail.

  • brexx

    Damn! He really grew into a very fine, muscular hot man! LOVING the tattoo

  • Andy Leon

    How hot can we get…he is so yummy and hot….

  • theduckhunter

    He is so hot

  • LooneyMan

    Is it just me or whenever he isnt smiling, doesnt he always look confused? Not saying I dont like him but, just a simple observation. Anyways, he’s hot. Glad he broke up with V.H. 🙂

  • Zac E. is the epitome of the masculine pretty boy. i’m glad
    he lost the extra bulk he gained for THE LUCKY ONE which
    finished filming in January. and i second the motion that
    he possesses some mighty fine pits.:-)

    also for people who seem amazed that Zac has even a
    minute amount of chest hair have obviously never watched
    the opening tossing hoops sequence from 17 AGAIN on
    blu-ray disc.

  • beagle

    Just love those pits would love to smell and lick him after he got all sweaty

  • Alex

    Ms. Efron reminded me of Back to the Future with that 2nd pic. Regardless, he’s turning mighty fine.

  • Milton

    Just glad more people are finally joining the “I Think Zac Efron is Hot Club”!

  • JC

    OMG please fuck me

  • JuanCarlos

    OMG I feel like such a teen( and I’m 33 ) everytime I see this guy!!!!!
    He is so HOT I could melt all over him, he’s not just beatiful, he’s turning in to a gorgeous man

  • Metcalfe

    ugh…really? a tattoo? why mess up that gorgeous body with a tattoo? that’s a downgrade in my book

  • anonymous

    I agree Metcalfe. I hate tattoos, especially when they show up on an otherwise great looking body.

  • Mario

    WTF…..so like to smell him from head to toes! Everytime I see him, I praise to God that I’m gay!

  • Snarky404

    Why is he wearing jorts? he looks like a lezzie.

  • david

    thanks for the coverage. you had a sly antipathy towards zac but i see with his burgeoning manly beauty that you have given in to the pits ….bravo darling

  • Mitch

    MMMM. Pits and Feet. A luscious combination. 🙂

  • Brandon

    I wish he was gay and did a gay porno. My fantasy would be complete!

  • iamskwishi


    That has been a fantasy of mine for awhile now too. Zac would be awesome as a power bottom! Think he’d look best sandwiched between two men, being DPed nice and hard.

    Never was into Zac in his younger days, but damn if he isn’t turning into one fine specimen of man. Glad he’s wearing his hair short too, that mop haircut wasn’t doing him any favours.

  • ilove zac effron

    I just love zac Efron he is the bomb at everything and OMG he is hot!!

  • Fred

    AXE, the answer is AXE…

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  • pettyferx

    he is so hot want to lick him all over

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