Sam Huntington in Being Human

Sam Huntington Shirtless in Being Human

It’s the weekend (okay, second half of the weekend) so it’s time for me to dive into my “to do” pile and pull some tricks out. In the meantime, let’s enjoy these skin caps of the very adorkable Sam Huntington capped by Superherofan from SyFy’s US version of “Being Human”, which boasts a lot of welcomed nakedness for a primetime series. I haven’t tried this as yet, but you might want to experiment with some serious level / brightness increase on one of the last visual. I wish you luck. Here‘s a gingier Sam if you care.

Sam Huntington Shirtless in Being Human

Sam Huntington Shirtless in Being Human

Sam Huntington Shirtless in Being Human

  • Not bad, but his show pales in comparison to the BBC original. In story, acting, and hot men.

  • RC

    This guy is MINE! I call him 1ST ! :)~~~~

  • Rickg

    I love the BBC version. But I like the american take on it. Both have terrific actors and yes, hot men. Sam plays his character well. He’s not an adorkable to me. Love Witwer but something of Sam’s innocent character that makes him sooo inviting.

  • He is a cutie, isn’t he? **HIGHLY** adorkable. He’s no Russell Tovey but he’s still cute as a button 🙂

  • theduckhunter

    Nope his ass everything is mine mine mine mine

  • Milton

    These pics of Sam support my idea that you should give your fellow squares as many leg shots as you can, too. By the way, I love the U.S. version of “Being Human”. Hoping for the never-to-be written episode where Sams Huntington & Witwer get it on!

  • Harold

    Dear Lord, he looks so delicious!!

  • Josh

    I caught this episode the other day……and the scenes that led up to this one were pretty hot too — he was confronted by a nurse at the hospital who dragged him into a room and made the moves on him, and he started to turn into a werewolf as they were making out and he tossed her around, got behind her and yanked her whatever down, shoved his pants down and mounted her from behind, forcefully. He was still human but was beginning to be affected by his werewolf side, as the moon was full and it was almost midnight or whatever—so he banged her hard and then flew out t he door and rushed home and ripped off his clothes in the kitchen (in these caps) and turned into a werewolf there.

    This guy and his shyness, his average guy looks and demeanor, when he literally let the animal in him come out and was just banging the hell out of that girl from behind, well lemme tell ya, it sure made him all of a sudden a LOT more attractive to me.

    Those are the very kind of guys you have to look out for……..animal indeed!

    The show isn’t bad, it’s not the greatest either, but it’s tolerable.

  • jimtony

    He’s adorable!

  • Gert

    I’ve always loved Sam, but these caps are new for me. He’s YUMMY.

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