Smolder or Squint?

Joe Jonas in Details Magazine

Still on the magazine stuff, here are some smolder-tastic(?) shots of Joe Jonas from the upcoming issue of straight as fuck magazine Details. I really don’t know what to make of these. There’s only one picture where he wasn’t squinting and yes, I’m a little frustrated (and a little guilty too). The time will come when Joe will go all Efron on himself, and deep inside I know you can’t wait. Denial is a river in Egypt! And finally, where are the shirtless shots? Why is no one ready…

Joe Jonas in Details Magazine

Joe Jonas in Details Magazine

Joe Jonas in Details Magazine

Joe Jonas in Details Magazine

  • Did’nt even notice him at first. I love how he transformed from a normal teenage musician to a very hot and fine Gentleman, even though he kinda looks little like Zac Efron. And by the way Joe, The Black tank top looks hot on you, but without it I’ll just simply explode.

  • while still kinda twinky in his masculine prettiness i will admit
    Joe J. has grown into one fine looking young man from the teen
    he was the Jonas Brothers band burst on the scene, as to
    why no shirtless shots in the posted shoot i look at at it this
    way. while discreet the rather sexy photos i would say are a
    indicator that he wouldn’t be adverse to doing doing so in a
    up coming shoot. at least that’s what my hormones hope. 🙂

    • lena jones

      I think you mean averse

  • Mckey

    He does nothing for me.Sorry guys he just thinks that he’s hot but I don’t think that he’s gonna be such a big hit after leaving the band.

  • JuanCarlos

    Well, he really look HOT on this photos, now, this is what I don´t undestand, this guy, is clearly a hairy one so why only the scruff? he should stop waxing his body, I’ve seen pictures of him with a hint of a hairy chest, let it grow Joe!!!

  • JuanCarlos

    someone please tell me, am I crazy?? because I don’t feel guilty at all!!!!
    I like this guy.

  • Andy

    Young and hairy and, although these pics don’t show it, has one of the best bubble butts in Hollywood.

  • theduckhunter

    He looked air brused to death and no this isnt photoshoot how about the photos of his ass hanging out?

  • DoverDavid

    Cute wish he was hairy like his other brother.

  • gad1n10

    WOW! I thought he looked fine B4. He has def’ matured. Can’t wait to see lil’ bro in a couple years. Unfortunately, he’ll probably outgrow his ‘smok’in-ness’ and will just be another guy 🙁

  • bo

    Wow, I never thought that some of these tween idols can end up doing these things, you know, exploding my crotch for example.

  • Dave

    He may claim he’s straight but he’s not above pandering to a gay male audience. I think the most apt description of him I’ve seen is “tomorrow’s Joey Lawrence.”

  • @Dave Ouch!

  • Milton

    Always thought that Joe was the sexiest Jonas Brother.

  • Snarky404

    the best part of this story is the Devil Wears Prada reference in the copy. Well done!

  • Harry

    He needs to lose the facial hair and get rid of what has the potential to become a monobrow.

  • Weezie Jefferson

    Very cute, but I think he’s done somethin’ to his teeth.

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