Because You Can Never Have Too Much of Max Alberti

Max Alberti Shirtless

Because I know for a fact that Max Alberti tickles a lot of pickles and causes serious moisture damage to a lot of screens and keyboard across the world, here are more goodness from this hairy German perfection this time from the second episode of “Lena – Liebe meines Lebens” courtesy of JRM. The question is, why can’t they just let follicles be in American soaps?

Max Alberti Shirtless

Max Alberti Shirtless

Max Alberti Shirtless

Max Alberti Shirtless

  • panini

    I’m gonna assume “Lena – Liebe meines Lebens” means “Lena, love my hairy chest”.

  • wefh

    He is unbelievably cute.

  • fofml

    I NEED to start watching this show! We Germans can be quite hairy, Square, you’d like it over here!! 😉

  • KarmaLysing

    He is simply amazing. Seriously. Simply. Amazing.

  • archie

    he is like a hotter version of Chris Allen.

  • DoverDavid

    Very nice, thanks for sharing

  • firemansam

    who is the older guy, and why isn’t he shirtless also?

  • Daz

    oh gawd.. he’s soooo beautiful… that fur is perfection!!!

  • LooneyMan

    He reminds me of Chris Evans. The face, and the body. Yum.

  • wow

  • Alerik

    Well, the Germanness explains a lot: I have almost the same hair distribution myself, only a bit more evenly distributed elsewhere too.

  • James wong

    I’m gonna start learning german and watch the show!! XD

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