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Sam Huntington Shirtless

My inbox has once again been flooded with DO NOT WORK and WHERE ARE MY MENS emails, and I so can’t blame you guys for that. Well, I think I have figured what was wrong in the RSS feed and those weird unclickable links in your emails. If you can click the link to this post in your inbox, that means I’ve won the impossible battle of figuring my own damn blog. Many apologies for that, and also for being away for a while. Oh, and this piece of adorkable right here, is Sam Huntington from “Being Human” capped by Groopii. Don’t be distracted by the sizzling silver fox next to him. And yes, I’m telling myself.

Sam Huntington Shirtless

Sam Huntington Shirtless

Sam Huntington Shirtless

Sam Huntington Shirtless

  • KarmaLysing

    Sam Huntington is also co-starring with Brandon Routh in a horror comedy called “Dylan Dog”, releasing on or about April 29th. Yes, he loses clothing. So does Brandon Routh.

  • Mallory

    Adorkable individuals are always welcome!!! Plus, Sam looks good with his shirt off too. Never, ever, could I concieve of a example where having both those things would be bad.

  • Rick Gaylor

    Sam is always welcomed on this site. I wrote before that I dont consider him the “adorkable.” He’s a good actor and plays the part well. And with a nice trim, invitable body… keep him coming… Thanks

  • theduckhunter

    Karma how does he lose his clothes woof I hope its for the whole film LOL god his so cute naked

  • GMaster

    This scene drove me WILD when I first saw it on the show. The image of him being poked and prodded like a piece of meat was such a turn on for me (I know that says a lot about my psyche but oh well). When he was ordered to bend over I had to change my panties. WOOF!!!

  • theduckhunter

    when Marcus said take your clothes off I was like WOOF

  • WarpedRecord

    Square: Laurels to you for all the hard work you do on this site, and darts to all the whiners with their complaints.

    Thanks to you, it’s working.

  • bj

    Thank god its working now!!

  • Phil

    Thanks it’s working again…I didn’t flood your inbox-but I did almost go into man flesh withdrawl…

  • miko14526

    Anybody know the season and episode number of this?

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