Morgan Spurlock, Get the Speedos Back On!

You know what, this event right here — is definitely my Josh Gates moment of 2011 and this time, we have a video! My new super bestest friend in the whole wide world Samir did an interview at CalTV with the delectable ginge that is Morgan Spurlock for his new film “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” and was (too) kind enough to do a mention of this mess of a site AND a scrolling screen shot of Morgan’s speedo wearing spread. Too much! I’ll shut my ass up so you can watch the video after the jump, and the magic happens 2:50 into the interview. Samir you are the best! What’s next? An interview with Jason Sudeikis? Okay, maybe let’s not do that because my heart just stopped.

“The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” will be in cinemas April 22nd.

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