Upcoming Skin on Summer Screen

I can’t remember when was the last time I literally rummaged through movie trailers online to look for some skin scenes. Well, last night I did – and here are my findings. Instead of putting each of them in a separate post, I’ve decided to bung them all in here for easy reference. Let’s go!

Let’s start with “Bridesmaids” which is like “The Hangover” for women, and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all! I love Kirsten Wiig, but why does she have to have everything – including my only permanent spot in this world; MAH HUSBAND’s furry chest! Okay it was only an act so I’ll watch this with a heavy heart anyway…

Jon Hamm Shirtless in Bridesmaids

We’ll continue with the sequel to “The Hangover”, this time with more furriness from Bradley Cooper. It’s very unusual to get a non-shirtless Bradley Cooper film these days, and that is NOT a complaint. I just wish Justin Bartha was a little generous in this. Oh well.

Bradley Cooper Shirtless in The Hangover Part 2

Like Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans is always equally generous in most of his films. I’ve moaned and bitched about the follicle massacre in “Captain America: The First Avenger” before so I’ll make this part short, sweet and oh so definitely hairless.

Chris Evans Shirtless in Captain America

Justin Timberlake’s age might show a little on his face (that’s not a bad thing), but his body is just the way it was in his N-Sync days. These are from “Friends with Benefits” of which by the looks of it — there will be plenty of skin on show. That’s said, somehow I’m more interested in that furry guy in the bondage harness. Any ideas?

Cute Guy Shirtless in Friends with Benefits

Speaking of unidentified strangers, who is this hot piece in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”? After some stalking, his name is Sam Claflin all the way from across the pond and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last time we hear from this fine piece!

Sam Claflin Shirtless in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Because I’m just one mortal being, if you have noticed some more shirtlessness in upcoming summer movies — share them here!

  • DoverDavid

    At least some fur has survived the hollywood wax museum.

  • Martie

    Yes!! Totally in love with furry bondage guy as well!

    That’s my new crush David Walton – check him out in Burlesque and also perfectly adorable in Perfect Couples with Kyle Bornheimer. Mmm…

    Maybe he needs his own post, square? 😉

  • Mckey

    WTF!!! Is this a nipple show?!That first bitch is totally checking on Jon Hamm’s nipple.You can see her eyes just staring at his nipple.The second bitch is touching Chris Evans’s nipple and the third bitch is touching Justin’s nipple.I love Jon Hamm and I think he’s a very professional actor.It just that bitch is totally taking advantage of the situation.Chris Evans is like the prettiest whore in Hollywood.He would do everything for fame and Justin is trying too hard.It seems like he has to take off his shirt in every movie that he’s in these days and make love to a woman.A little suspicious about him I don’t know why.

  • WarpedRecord

    Hey Square: We’re back to Square One with the FeedBurner messages. What up with that? Is that another attempt by Google for Total World Domination?

    As for the coming attractions: This ain’t the summer of love.

  • LooneyMan

    The one with Chris Evans reminds me of Hugh and his transformation in X-Men Origins. I’m guessing, however, Square enjoys Hugh due to Chris’ lack of fur. 🙂

  • KarmaLysing

    C’mon, Square… Thor! THOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!!!! Chris Hemsworth repeatedly shirtless. REPEATEDLY. SHIRTLESS.

    And then there’s “Green Lantern” (Ryan Reynolds shirtless); “Priest” (Paul Bettany shirtless, Karl Urban possibly shirtless); “Dylan Dog” (Limited release, but Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington at the very least, and possibly others, as well); “Conan the Barbarian” (Jason Momoa, the rest of the male cast… It IS a “Conan” film); “Source Code” (Which may not feature shirtlessness, but does feature Jake Gyllenhaal).

    And hells bells, this isn’t even including “The Borgias” and “Game of Thrones”.

  • KarmaLysing

    Oh, and hey, McKey… Cut it with the “bitch” crap, you misogynist Queen.

  • I love your site. Keep up the good work. I just wish Hollywood would just let the hairy be hairy.

  • @Karma There’a reason for “Thor” not being here — it had its own posts (so is “Captain America” but hey)! I really wanted to feature Conan but the only previews I can find are the smoky teasers. When I finally found one – rest assured there shall be a full fledged post!

    @WarpedRecord Ever since Google took over Feedburner, the whole thing becomes a giant mess. I’ll give it a ping and see if it works.

    @McKey Jon Hamm is MAH HUSBAND and even I know they’re all just an act.

  • Mckey

    @Square Yeah,you’re right.It’s an act.Things that makes me angry the most is that when actresses just can get away with anything when it comes to sex scenes in history of films.They want it as much as man want it too but it’s because the endless of double standard thing you know.

  • Mallory

    This summer has me excited, but not for any of these movies. Still, thanks Square. I think I’d take Justin Timberlake of the lot, just cause something about Bradley Cooper I still find creepy and almost frightening.

    @ Karma – lol, you tell ’em. People try to get away with calling everyone bitches….

  • Julius Seizure

    Like I always say “Nipple just beggin’ to be touched” … so she did. Can’t blame the girl, reallly. It was a power bigger than us all.

  • i do agree Justin T, looks super sexy. but i’m hedging the bet
    that unlike Jake G. in LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS and Ashton
    Justin T. wont actually get naked.

  • Gert

    OMG, look at the pecs of Chris, yum, yum, slurp!!!

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