Aaron Schock in Men’s Health

Aaron Schock Shirtless in Men's Health

No, this blog isn’t dead (yet) – it’s just that I am so caught up with other less important things that the shirtless shrine has to be put on hold for a little while. There are so many things to catch up on, but for now – let’s fix our eyeballs to David Boreanaz’s long lost brother also known as NOT GAY Congressman Aaron Schock in all his shirtless Photoshop glory from the latest issue of Men’s Health (hey they really do a shirtless cover!). I’d hit this reasonably hard, but not more than a few times because I’m not willing to give my KFC just yet.

Aaron Schock Shirtless in Men's Health

  • Rubus

    RePIGlican – YUCK! 😛

  • Joetx

    @ Rubus – ITA.

    I don’t care how physically attractive this guy is. His looks are totally negated by his regressive politics.

  • Sammy

    Gross take it down. He’s garbage and a bigot. Let’s not promote him.

  • Steve

    Is it me or are his arms abnormally long?

  • Jeff

    How is he a bigot? And why is he “garbage”? Because he has different political positions than you do? How frighteningly intolerant.

  • chuck

    The guy is a hateful homophobe. Period.

  • Brody

    He’s a bigot because he experimented in college and got rejected…..
    Now he’s bitter….

  • john

    “How is he a bigot”? Have you heard his stance on gays and LGBT issues? YES, he is a bigot. No matter how handsome or attractive, I find the man REPULSIVE!!! I agree with earlier poster, TAKE HIM DOWN. Off this site. We don;t need or want this.

  • panini

    Boner shrinker.

  • Boris

    I don’t deny that the guy takes care of his body, both there is photoshop involved in those pics!

  • overcompensating

  • Mark

    Homophobes are never attractive. Neither are Republicans. A nicely-giftwrapped piece of shit. Pass.

  • Terry G

    Yes.. he is stunning… yes, he is Republican and NO I don’t agree with a lot of his positions. Your opinion of him is bigoted. The dictionary says: Bigot, a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed,belief or opinion.

  • Milton

    It would be like being sexually attracted to Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck. *YUCK!*

  • panini

    @Terry G
    He’s not a bigot because of his beliefs, he’s a bigot because he tries to impose his beliefs to everybody else. Try looking up “logic” in the dictionary…

  • Josh

    To quote Organist, from the first and original posting of Aaron Schock by Square back in March of 2009 -, and why? Because I’m tired of seeing and hearing the same kind of hate, vitriol and rhetoric flying out of the mouths of liberals, Democrats, gay men, lesbians and the like, as we see from the mouths of SOME of the conservatives, Republicans, etc.

    “Aaron Schock: For those who have decided that because this guy is a Republican, he has no redeeming qualities, if you haven’t Googled his site and read the information, you are speaking out of a bit of ignorance. Sure a site can be manufactured to ballyhoo only the good, but it would be difficult to argue with the merits of someone who fought against a significantly corrupt Democratic party and machine and won.

    Do you know who the recently impeached Ilinois governor is: The one and only Rod Blagojevich, one of the true card-carrying members of a completely disgraced DEMOCRATIC regime that has a very long history of corruption, bigotry, homophobic attacks, the lot of it. (yes Democrats who dislike gays, GASP, YES, it’s VERY much true) <that is added by me, Josh.

    You see, neither Republican nor Democrat can escape immoral and outlawed behavior. it’s simply humanly endemic. Nothing makes one more liberal than reading. Don’t be afraid to. It won’t hurt you and it won’t turn you into a Republican. Good God, save us from political and sexual stereotyping."

    So maybe some should not be so quick to lash out, spread their own hate and hatred for others, just simply based on what the rest of the sheep are saying and doing.

    Tolerance. Look up the definition.

    If you don't like something, then work toward changing it, but don't bash, attack and show your utter ignorance by just being hate filled and mean, simply because it's what you've been conditioned to do by those around you.

    Think for yourself.

    Thanks for the post, Square, and I don't care what his partisanship is, I'd hit that in a HEARTBEAT — and I grant you, in the right dark, private location, he'd gladly accept! He may not be gay, but he hasn't met ME yet. 😉

  • len

    aaron might be sex on 2 legs,but his homophobia kills the feeling. and josh, no amount of fantasy and lust, is gonna turn him gay or a decent human being

  • TongueUnited

    It’ll take you about 5 minutes to ascertain that he does not believe gays are citizens. We are not entitled to adopt, to have a legal bond with our partner.
    REALLY sexy.

  • TongueUnited

    It’ll take you about 5 minutes to ascertain that he does not believe gays are citizens. We are not entitled to adopt, to have a legal bond with our partner.
    REALLY sexy.

  • Clyde

    The guy is a homophobic Nazi pig. Take it down!

  • Mark

    He’s a narcissistic”WHORE”!!!Just because he’s a male politician he can be sexy by shirtless?!Just think for a second if female politicians did this kind of stuff,people would call them names and they won’t have the respect again.A stupid double standard shit.When you think deeply, it’s kinda sad because here we are in 2011 and yet America is still full sexists and bigots!This guy is the perfect example of that!

  • Zach

    I agree with Josh. It doesnt matter polotically because all sides are guilty of this. Obama doesnt support homosexual unions. He’s said that from the start so liberal or conservative, you will have the opposition as well as support from other people of that same party. My family is LDS conservatives and very active in political topics and devout Mormons, even though the general party may have anti-gay views as well as the church (I was raised in but am no longer involved) they still want me to find a guy that makes me happy and have told me that they will fight for and support what I do. Politics is a two edged sword and this means that no one side is a clear cut guilty or innocent about bigotry.

  • John

    Are you kidding me?! Not one of you self-righteous Queens finds him attractive?? He turns me on like crazy! Yes, he has different views than most of us do but isn’t hating him because of it the same thing as what you’re accusing him of?? Take a step back and appreciate his hotness.

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