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Matt Bomer in Season 3 Promo of White Collar

I don’t really think my ass needs a valid reason for posting these promo shots of the MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD Matthew Bomer from the season 3 promo of “White Collar” (from Matt Bomer Fan via ONTD). Personally, instead of wanting to jump all over this fine specimen like what I felt with other hot mens, I just want to carefully mount him in a frame and hang it in the Louvre. A masterpiece you can masturbate to!

Matt Bomer in Season 3 Promo of White Collar

Matt Bomer in Season 3 Promo of White Collar

Not White Collar but hey, it’s hard job being this pretty…

Matt Bomer

  • Nanana

    oh god fuck yes! i need to watch white collar now.

  • Mark

    He looks a little bit like Adam Lambert above but I still think he is the most beautiful men I’ve seen nowadays.Great job God!

  • mt

    He’s a nice looking guy, but I don’t see a lot that’s unique (aka HOT) about him

  • Daknee

    Beautiful yet masculine man!

  • Daknee

    Very Beautiful Man Yet Masculine. He does look a bit too skinny in clothes though

  • You’re right, Square, he’s a work of art. But I’d check out how he’s hung before the mounting. 🙂

  • len

    why does he remind me of a young pierce brosnan……HOTT!!!!

  • Almoose

    Beauty face!

  • Rockhopper

    Yeah, he’s just about perfect! 🙂

  • Brion

    It’s funny because on the show you can see that his co-star is sometimes just smiling and thinking “could you turn that shit off for a moment?”

    Amazing looking guy and the show is fun fluff.

  • Well, at least the parts of his body we can see are really great!

  • I think you will also love this male model, benjamin tang, and his “incredible” bulge 😀


    though, he’s not a bear.

  • Crusty Young Dude

    He takes my breath away every time I see him. Met him once and more handsome and so sweet in person

  • bcooper

    oh he’s a beaut!!

  • Bob

    He is a beautiful man. Those blue eyes make me weak in the knees. He seems to be a very nice guy…not at all vain in real life. Better yet, he is a devoted family man with a devoted husband and a little daughter that he takes to the park. Yes guys, in case you did not know, he is an out, proud, gay man! Score one for us!

  • Hot

    Adam lambert has beautiful face i ever seen

  • severn

    jizz worthy

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