Geoff Stults in Bones

Geoff Stults Shirtless

Moving on to more important issues, Geoff Stults skin scenes on “Bones” has been a serious deficiency on this joint ever since it aired last month and trust me I have received numerous complaints for this matter to be rectified. Well, this post is dedicated to all of you who diligently reminded me to lather his untrimmed furry chest all over this website and although I know you lot are impossible to satisfy, I hope these caps by Superherofan will make you content at least for now. I love it when they try their best to cram in as many shirtless scenes in the first few episodes of a new series to increase ratings in this case, the backdoor pilot of “The Finder”. Been there, got the t-shirt. A fine hairy  piece of manbeef like Geoff needs to be unshirted in EVERY single episode, full stop.

Geoff Stults Shirtless

Geoff Stults Shirtless

Geoff Stults Shirtless

Geoff Stults Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Nice love the elongated pit shot.

  • KarmaLysing

    Ummm… WANT. That is all.

  • It’s pit shots and underwear. Who doesn’t love that? Seriously hot guy.

  • Bill O’Brien

    He’s a hottie.

  • michael

    holy cow… that like an impossibly large bulge in those briefs or just the way the fabric “happened to fold”? if its not the fabric, the man should have his own zip code.

  • Gay

    That would be his cock. God I want that miracle of nature inside of my pants with me. I wish I was the sheet on that bed. Now he gets his own show. Here come more almost nude scenes!

  • LF

    Love the sitting in the bathroom shot. I remember watching that and thinking “Move that damn sink!”

  • wigglytuff

    cute <3

  • Servonut

    The episode was awesome even without all the manflesh, all the hairy goodness just made it that much better. Thank you THANK YOU for sharing these pics!

  • Nyles

    Wasn’t Geofff Stults in the short lived series”Happy Town”playing the Sheriff in that one he just had one Brief skin scene in the series Yet in Bones it seems he had several .


  • steve

    Wow! Classically sexy and handsome. A Winner for sure!

  • Paul Modibe

    I thinks I like his brother, George better. But together would also work.

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