Perfection, Perfection, Perfection

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Breaking news! Last night, the British isle sank by at least a meter after the latest episode of “Vacation, Vacation, Vacation” (which has recently become my porn material) aired on Channel 4. It has been reported that most of the east coast of North America has been affected as well. Millions of households has been flash flooded with panty cream caused by excessive shirtlessness of the finest man in Britain, Phil Spencer showing in detail the eighth wonder of the world that is his gloriously thick, hairy chest and lickable daddy abs. For someone who has been waiting a long time (a year is a long time for me) for this moment to happen, I’d say it’s a bit much for my mortal libido to take. Well, I’m still here – hanging on to whatever’s left of me. This is perfection personified, full stop. I’ll let the caps, the clips AND the gifs do the talking and the hardening. A little warning though, due to the size of the post it may crash your browser and understandably, your crotch.

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Presenting the frames of my dreams tonight and every night hereafter…

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Bed TEASING

Phil Spencer's Pecs

  • slurp

  • kevin

    this was not perfection ! Far from it !

  • Anne Noise

    Haters to the left, he’s sexy as hell.

  • @Anne Noise AMEN to that!

  • ThatGuy

    A million thanks is not enough for this incredibly hot post….wow.

  • SZK

    I was curious to see how old this guy was, and so I googled him. I was really surprised to see that he’s 41 years old; he looks a lot older.

  • fofml

    damn, he is really really really really really FINE!!

  • He is SOOOO HOT!!!! Love to be in his bed!!!!

  • Josh

    Square, ya know I am with ya when you’re right, and he is a really sexy, hot masculine man, and I’d love to sleep with him and find out what he’s like in bed….I bet he’s a helluva fuck, BUT … I can’t get past that ridiculous pattern where he shaves his chest hair. THAT is so S T O O P I D! He needs to stop doing that.

    Otherwise, the guy’s smokin’! No doubt!

  • panini

    @Josh Ditto aboutthe ridiculous trim below the neck… I guess it’s to hide the chest hair when wearing a shirt. WHY???

  • skeptic

    Am I the only one who just doesn’t find this guy attractive AT ALL? I need more face fur than this. He looks like he shaved his chest hair around his collar bone, which looks really strange.

  • JackNH

    Sorry, guys,I think he’s hot. Even that belly that jiggles.

  • rodthehorny

    OMG!!!! man a 4some with my daddy mike rowe, robson green and him will be a match made in heaven. truely a wanking material that 3 guys…

  • Ho

    Ok i must admit i didnt notice the bit of chest hair around the upper chest where he shaved off and you can clearly see the pattern.. although he shaved off i m sure with his tesosterone produced from his pair of hairy balls, it will grow back with no time. He is one fine piece of man… he is a true man. He looks older than he is aged but that what makes a man a man. Just like wine, it gets tastier as it ages. But who knows…

  • Josh

    And just to revisit this post: If you look close, he doesn’t really look that old. It’s the shaved head, the gray in the hair and the gray in the chest hair that really make him look older than he is … BUT fellas, it’s not always all about the looks, ya know? Open your minds, broaden your horizons and live outside the box – it’s about the person, not what the person looks like. Physical is one thing, but it’s not THE one thing — it’s the being you should be interested in, the heart, the soul……. If that being comes in a good package, then consider it a bonus and be glad for it, but if the outside isn’t perfect, SO WHAT?

    I’ve seen video of this guy and he seems like he’s fun, genuine and I bet you he’s really quite sexy when it comes to what goes on behind closed doors ….. so don’t judge the book by its cover — I’ve done that before and found that I missed out on some really fantastic stories!

    Open your minds ….. don’t be so judgmental about perfection and someone not adding up to the ideal of the perfect man as far as “gay” standards go.

    * but he still needs to stop shaving the upper chest hair — wear a t-shirt Phil, for cryin out loud. LOL

  • rodthehorny

    all the haters must Die. enough said.

  • JuanCarlos

    Where are you Square? I miss you!!! I need new photos!! may I sugest Daren Criss? he is HOT and HAIRY!!!

  • Well, it´s like seeing one of my neighbors shirtless.
    But it´s OK. I like common bodies too.

  • ChRiS cRoCkEr

    ugly face
    ugly balding scalp
    ugly tank top chest hair
    ugly sunburn

    I’m a hater for this man, what can I say? I don’t see a single thing that could be described as good looking, and I usually agree with Square on men. xD

  • JD

    I would love to get in that bed and lick that chest hair all night

  • JD

    I would love to get in that bed and lick that chest hair all night.

  • steve

    Oh Daddy . . . the feel of that hair on my nipples . . . . . . .

  • Steve

    Mmm . . . still working for me 🙂

  • BayAreaDude

    He’s pretty hot to look at, but like all British men, he talks like a woman. I can’t have that. Give me a nice, masculine, deep voice like Mike Rowe’s and a hairy chest…like Mike Rowe’s…oh hell, just give me Mike Rowe!

  • jeep_driver

    great shot of his rear end in the water. hell, they’re ALL great. he looks like a really fun guy. i think i’m gonna get me a plane ticket to the UK and become a professional phil watcher up close and personal-like!

  • David

    Licking all that fur would make one go to the dentist to get a haircut.

  • bouncypecs

    Phil Spencer is amazing, his chest is magnificent and his podgy belly!? Just wow…
    On another note
    ‘but like all British men, he talks like a woman. ‘
    BayAreaDude I find that offensive in so many ways, partly as I am British and don’t talk like a woman, and secondly: Matthew Macfadyen, Rufus sewell, Richard Armitage, just a few of the enormous amount of British actors, that oh yeah don’t sound like a woman, I shall conclude with a boo ya, good night.

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