A Message from the European Union

Hot Guy in EU Health Insurance Advert

There are some things that Europeans do better than the rest of us and this is one of them. This pretty boy here might be groomed to kingdom come, but this is a breath of fresh air to the crotch because the only other time you’d see a beautiful male model in a public service announcement is when they’re telling you to stay away from cheap hookers. Unless he is humping the jellyfish that is. Yes my mind is deep in the gutter right now so I’m off to a cold shower. Watch the commercial, after the jump.

Hot Guy in EU Health Insurance Advert

  • HA!! I wasn’t expecting that. FUNNY!!!

  • DoverDavid

    That was cute.

  • Phil


  • Phil

    He reminds me of this guy that came to my Nursery(I wish he came in me-lol)but I digress…Anyway he was all buff and shit wearing a muscle T-and he SHAVED HIS CHEST 🙁 I was all like WWWHHHHHYYYYYYY???…It had obviously been a few days because the stuble was growing in…Sad thing is his son was just as cute(and of an age it was at least OK to look-and imagine)and you know the kid was being taught the wrong lessons(about his fur)…Why do men disfigure themselves like that????…

  • KarmaLysing

    BWA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA… And to think, there’s no one about to pee on it for him…

  • Phil

    Karma-I’d pee on him-LOL

  • Josh

    Oh hell I’d do something on him!! but it wouldn’t be peeing. Bodily fluid would be involved though. You do the math …….. 😉

  • Matt

    haha u can actually see his balls (and penis – or am i seeing too much) at 00:36. Thank God for HD haha

  • Rupertbare

    I’m a bottom, but I’d love to fuck his sweet small European arse…Such a pleasant chang after watching so many American lard arses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rupertbare

    *pleasant change

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