Christopher Gorham in Covert Affairs

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Covert Affairs

There seems to be so many skin scenes going around on television at the moment that I almost choke on them (it’s not a bad thing actually). Let’s take it one step at a time – first off, the always adorkable Christopher Gorham’s generous shirtlessness in “Covert Affairs” capped by the always super Superherofan. Despite the utter lack of body hair, these caps still do a lot to me. I just wish he ditches the Jake 2.0 boy bangs though.

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Covert Affairs

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Covert Affairs

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Covert Affairs

  • Tom

    Just dish these hairless twinks…more real men with hairy chest, legs and crotchs.
    This guy is not even hot!

  • Chris

    You’d have to be blind to not see how hot he is.

  • Mckey

    I love him!!!He is the true defination of “adorkable”.Thanks Square!

  • John

    He just doesn’t do it for me. But I won’t say that I’d turn him down if he came knockin on my door.

  • why dont you guys get some hot photos from mtvs new teen wolf Lots of hot guys tyler posey and especially colton haynes .send them to me

  • Bill

    Christopher is the main reason why I’ve been watching Covert Affairs since last season. I can fantasize about having a cute blind guy for a perfect boyfriend since he might not be checking out as many hot guys as my last one did. I love the boy bangs but more chest hair would be nice.

  • Phil

    Um I gotta take care of something that just popped up… 🙂

  • mt

    #1 – he needs short/better hair
    #2 – he needs to grow/let grow SOME hair on his chest or belly
    #3 – he is a great looking guy (good body) regardless

  • Jeff J

    Good, all but the face, ugh.

  • Jeff J

    Forgot to add, Bomer was his shirtless perfection last night! Now Bomer is beauty!

  • Nyles

    Well I’m looking Forward to Year 2 of “Covert Affairs”on Showcase when it returns again.I Lked Seeing CG In just a Towel then next the Boxers next on the Train in Year 1

  • Nyles

    But True he ought to get rid of the hair bangs.

  • Agree with Chris…you’d have to be blind not to appreciate how attractive he is!

  • Ugly Betty’s “Henry” is adorkable to the umpteenth power. I know looks are subjective, but come on. Hairy or not, I’d do him nice + good (if he weren’t already married :[ ).

  • @Fredo I couldn’t agree more. Henry is the best character for Christopher since Harrison John in Popular!

  • Milton

    You know, some men don’t have that much chest hair. That being said, I’ve always lusted after Christopher, ever since he was in “Popular”.

  • Hot!

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