Fresh Off the Irish Grasslands

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

There is a reason why I rarely feature models here – mostly because they all kind of look like they come from the same factory (with a heavy follicle restrictions policy), and when it comes to my mens I’m not really into the mass produced types. This model, however is a little bit different. The name is Sean Patrick Davey, and this beefy piece is fresh from the ginge farm off the coast of Ireland (just go along with it) where the grass is emerald green and the follicle is beautifully auburn. These are shot by photographer Marlen Boro (NSFW unless your office allows asses and half peens) who has managed to capture every inch of this rugged, well built ginge stallion. Excuse me while I go lock the door and spend the next half an hour or so by myself. It’s only natural.

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

  • Sammy

    OMG I’m in LOVE. That’s what a model should look like!! Sigh….

  • Jeffrey Wood

    As they’d say in Ireland; Íontach ar fad!!

  • puh

    ugly hands (fingernails)

  • Jay in crappy Michigan

    Love me a big dish of ginger beef !
    In fact – I am leaving room for seconds too …

  • Mike

    Oh my!

  • Mimi

    So so hot.

  • Mimi

    by that I meant sooooooooo hot. Not so-so.

  • John

    Too much muscle. I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed though.

  • bro

    Not usually into gingers, but I’m willing to make an exception…

  • Mikey M


  • Jack W

    PLEASE tell us that there’s more of him out there somewhere. This man is incredible.

  • Mark

    Softly beautiful.I really love his soft face and the rest of course!

  • Ginger?MeLikee

    OOO. Nice Square. Besides for that silly looking thong tan line.
    But love the hair, wish there was more of it on that chest of his…

  • Boris

    Splurt… (spontaneous ej…er… explosion… LOL)

  • Josh

    Holy SHIT. Now THAT is one hot man!

    And who the hell is lookin at his fingernails? LOL

    Sure would like to see his cock. I bet it’s thick, not that long, but thick. With a nice head. Very suckable and something you’d definitely feel as he inserted it into your anus. OH. My bad. Did I type that out-loud?

  • @Josh Oh yes you DID!

  • Paul

    Oh, wow — if the good Lord above accepted orders, consider mine filled!

  • DoverDavid

    Nice love the pits and the firey red bush

  • As a pro photog, this great model was essentially “left in the dark” with the photog shooting against the light, clearly visible behind the model as sheer curtains.

    If Sean Patrick Davey is looking for a reshoot, send him my way.

    Great guy, pics are run of the mill.

  • @DoverDavid – we always see eye to eye on those issues. That fire crotch is an inferno.

  • Tom

    Love a ginger guy and this one is one hot man. Thank goodness he still has his ginger pubes and did not shave them. Will never understand some guys shaving their pubes and pits do not even mention their chest….WHY???
    They are so much more a man with the hair and red hair is the best.
    So keep these hairy guys coming!!

  • MichaelSATX

    Love that ginger.

  • Milton

    I’m an African-American, & one of the groups that’s always made me “stand at attention” are Irish/Irish-American guys.Plus, he’s what’s known today, as a ginger.

  • Phil

    Oh MAN you hit on my only ‘fetish’, gingers…And is it just me or does Sean Patrick look just a bit like HRH Prince Harry(whom I wouldn’t mind seeing naked-we already know he’s hung)…Man you should see Sean Patrick dressed in chains!…

  • rodthehorny

    i wouldn’t mind having him with my other daddies for a humping, romping hot night sessions.

    and i will swallow LoL.

  • JuanCarlos

    Oh God!! he is a HOT ginger!!! what a body and the courtain really match the drape!!! Awesome!!! enough said.

  • Mike

    Nice to see this…as a redhead, the mean girls in my elementary school told me nobody would ever be attracted to me because redheads were automatically unattractive (at least to them). Even my so-called “best friend” in high school said that I’d never lose my virginity because they’d all be laughing too hard at my red pubic hair. Well, fuck all of ’em. I’ve found out that some folks think us gingers are hot…and even though I can only dream of looking like this guy, I know he’s representing all of us downtrodden ginges who were mocked and put down.

  • JJD

    Hairy and muscular my 2 favorite things wrapped up into one perfect man I love him!!!

  • Steven

    As an 18 ginger myself these pics make feel a huge range of emotions. Pride- to be in the same ranks as this hottie. Jealousy- well I mean who wouldn’t but more specifically because my own chest hair is blonde. And ummm “frustrated”. Think I have a new computer wallpaper!

  • Steven

    As an 18 year old ginger myself these pics make feel a range of emotions. Pride- to be in the same ranks as this hottie. Jealousy- well I mean who wouldn’t but more specifically because my own chest hair is blonde. And ummm “frustrated”. Think I have a new computer wallpaper!

  • bcooper

    love everything except the fingernails and tan line. picky, huh?

  • N

    Love the tan line, don’t care about the fingernails as long as those fingers are grazing all the many parts of my body. Humina humina humina humina

  • wigglytuff

    wow.. he is georgeus <3

  • Richard Chaser

    Oh good god, what a sexy man. I could floss my teeth with that ginger fur of his. whoo its hot in here.

  • jeep_driver

    square, you’ve outdone yourself. i can always trust that you’ll come up with something wonderful out of your “grab bag”. my personal taste in mens is almost a mirror image of yours, keep it up (but give your pistol a rest every now and then too, of course. i wouldn’t want it to fall off as if your organ grinder had an attack of leposy). BTW, what’s wrong with his fingernails? oh,
    and a shout out to PHIL, HRH prince harry floats my boat too.
    final thoughts: i believe a treasure trail is the hottest accoutrement a man can have, bar none.

  • scrumpy doo

    I second the get him in chains idea. In chains at the foor of my bed. Grrrrrrrrrrr he is HOT!

  • steve

    Bloody Hell – – – That works! Oh, can I tell you, reds and auburns really get to me.

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  • Jasper

    red hair has never look so good, so smokin’ hot! What a face, eyes, smile,… Woof! Sure wish I could see and unobstructed view of that seemingly fantastic!!! ass.

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  • David H.

    My crotch is on fire right now! This guy is everything.

  • Sammy

    He is a GOD! Way too hot for a model!

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