Guess This Recovering Chest

Seeing this shot for the first time is like getting pure oxygen back into my ailing lungs. We have been moaning and bitching about how his chest was mutilated for that film before but now it’s good to see some activity back on that hunk’s body. Too easy isn’t it?

It would be a matter of time til Chris Evans’s chest is back to it’s glorious state. These are from the latest issue of Gay Quarterly, which despite numerous mentions of his sex appeal in the interview, miserably failed to reflect the article with these heavily ‘shopped shots. When you say ‘pecs’ more than once, it means we need to see the ACTUAL PECS!

Chris Evans in GQ

  • i love him <3

  • DoverDavid

    Well thank the lord above for recovery!

  • Boris

    I am also glad that he “deflated” gracefully from his over-pumped Captain America freakishness…

  • mt

    Is that a Chris Evans PP in the first picture, or am I exceptionally horny right now?!?!

  • Simon

    awww, wanna see more of his body! MORE!!!

  • dbk636466

    I agree with Simon….I want to see his fury box and the one eyed snake….and it would be an additional treat if the “Twins” were NOT shaved or manscaped in any way….Can I hear an AMEN Brother and Sisters!!!!

  • Mckey

    @Boris You’re right! He looks better with lean body than over muscular body.At the end of the day the directors,producers and photographers out there will keep exploiting Chris Evans body because they want him to be shirtless in whatever he does.Yay for us!!!

  • Boris

    @ Mickey: Let’s hope that Chris will put his foot on the ground and say no to the razor/wax in the future!

  • Milton

    You NEED to post the photoshoot he just did for the latest issue of GQ, with him on the cover. The man has whorls in his chest hair. WHORLS, I say! I want him…as one of my husbands.

  • Bill

    GQ- Gay Quarterly- LOL!

  • as always Chris Evans is the utter epitome of masculine beauty.
    two notes-
    1.Chris’s chest was un-manscaped in NOT ANOTHER TEEN
    MOVIE his first starring role. plus chest hair is visible in both
    FANTASTIC FOUR films and his quite sexy role in LONDON.
    so i don’t know what all the beef is about. its not as if he’s
    been manscaping his chest since day one.

    2.also what ever became of “SATISFACTION” the film Chris
    either made or was attached to for it seems forever? it
    was listed on his filmography for well
    over a year but now its vanished. the mysterious thing
    is i remember seeing a poster for it online.

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