Guess This SHAVED Chest

Another one stripped off his dignity! Yes, this is the Chris Evans incident of 2011 – but triple the disappointment. There’s not much guessing who this shaved chest belongs to, but if you really need a clue – it’s from the most anticipated 3D epic adventure this year. Click on to see the abomination in its fully glory.

I guess a hairy chest makes it difficult to shot in 3D? When I first saw first glimpse of Henry Cavill as Theseus in Tarsem Singh’s “Immortals” last year, I wasn’t sure whether Mr. Cavill’s lush follicle garden was kept intact. Let’s just say all my hopes and dreams were shattered when the trailer came out. Hollywood has decided that Henry’s chest fuzz should go because apparently hairy chests don’t exist in Greek mythology. That’s my only major complaint though, because “Immortals” has exploited this fine piece far better than that mess “Clash of the Titans”. But still, THEY FUCKING SHAVED HIM and that ain’t right!!!

Henry Cavill Shirtless in Immortals

Henry Cavill Shirtless in Immortals

Henry Cavill Shirtless in Immortals

Stephen Dorff will have his shirtless moments as well, based on the preview.

Stephen Dorff in Immortals

Also, am I the only one who doesn’t really care if Kellan Lutz shreds his shirt in this film?

Kellan Lutz in Immortals

  • Mckey

    I know he has a pretty face but somehow he does nothing for me.Sometimes he looks a little bit like Matt Bomer(not on this post) but wayyy less beautiful of course!So I guess that’s one of the reasons because I keep comparing him to one of the most beautiful man in the world.

  • A general lack of body hair. 🙁

  • KarmaLysing

    Sadly, Mr. Cavill’s shiny chest IS historically-accurate. The Greeks shaved and waxed themselves to within an inch of their lives so as to look more like their statues… Sigh…

  • @Karma Damnation! No wonder everybody’s polished to a mirror finish. I bet they stripped off Stephen Dorff too. Sadness!

  • Tim

    Stephen Dorff will have his shirtless moments.
    How about his pantsless moments.
    Might as well show his best part. hehe

  • lewis

    ARE YOU KIDDIN’???!!!kellan lutz is GORGEOUS

  • Josh

    While historically accurate, Cavill should never be hairless and always be pantsless! I mean, it’s a formula that works. Ya know what I mean? 😉

  • Boris

    They are probably preparing us for another hairless Superman…

  • bo

    You’ve asked it before, Square. But I’m going to ask it again:
    Henry Cavill, why are you so handsome?

    (And Stephen Dorff, why are you so perfect?)

  • @Boris NOOO…!!!

  • Boris

    Square, I feel your anguish… When the Superman cartoon was first conceived, in the 1930’s, he was a hairy man, which was at the time considered not only a normal thing, but a sign of power… you can go see this image to convince you:

    When the late Christopher Reeves (RIP) put the tight blue costume, suddenly Superman was less hairy, but still a little bit… When the costume was passed to Brandon Routh, suddenly the man of steel became smooth as a marble sculpture…

    I was hoping when I heard that Henry Cavill was cast as the next CK/Superman that we were going to be treated with a more authentic vision of the character, but I think we must be prepared to be disappointed…

  • TwoDiffSocks


    ya’ll JUST finding out bout Henry NOW??? WTH….Have ya’ll even seen the first 15 minutes of the first season of the Tudor???!!

  • me

    I think he looks amazing shaved! Corey Sevier is in this, too!

  • blackcoffee

    Don’t forget Luke Evans! He was looking mighty fine in the trailer too. I hope Immortals turns out to be good for more than eye candy, but the cast alone is worth catching on the big screen.

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  • vorlon

    Absolutely beautiful – so much better smooth!

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