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Men of Geordie Shore

At first glance, these pictures look like the male casts of “Jersey Shore” has had a major upgrade in the body and face department, but upon closer examination, the orange, body follicle free men of UK’s version of the American plague – “Geordie Shore” are just as bad. As if the people of Britain haven’t suffered enough with “The Only Way of Essex”! Okay, I’m lying. Obviously I’d hit on the one in the far right and possibly the second one from the left. Fine, all of them except the tweezed tangerine mess third from left. One thing for sure, the Geordie “Situation” (goes by the name of Gary) is definitely a massive upgrade from the melting butter bag across the pond. Side note: I’m still picking up momentum from a long hiatus, hence this post. Sorry!

Men of Geordie Shore

Men of Geordie Shore

Men of Geordie Shore

Men of Geordie Shore

  • Josh

    Sad that the world has to have this kind of drivel (on both sides of the globe) to stimulate it, but……I guess it just goes without saying in the seemingly mindless society in which we exist today.

    Like you, I’d definitely do the second from left and the far right. Together, separately, not gonna be picky about those aspects.

    I’m sure they’ve all done each other anyway — and you know they have. And more than once.

  • WarpedRecord

    So they still don’t play music on MTV? Nothing here for me otherwise.

  • guy in the grey tshirt is the only hot one

  • This is just sad. I thought UK television was perfect and more quality than US but then MTV produced this show. Part of UK televsion is dead.

    But I can’t help to say those guys are hot! I went to their website to know the name and the Gaz guy is really hot.

  • Phil

    Guess I’m not as picky…I’d tap any one of the boys…

  • Luis

    Gary’s schlong is supposed to be so long that they call it the parsnip. And all of the girls in the house confirm it

  • Luis

    Oh yes, and I’m probably the lamest guy for watching the show. But they are just too hot not to watch. Specially when you get to see some ass shots and all

  • Mykel

    Since when do “Straight” men sculpt their eyebrows?????

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